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World Wide Corals

LPS Live Coral Pack - World Wide Corals (DISCONTINUED)

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    This Coral Pack Ships Directly from World Wide Corals.


    Pack Price Includes Overnight Shipping.


    Coral Frags In Package:

    • 1x WWC Cherry Garcia Chalice
    • 1x Alien Eye Cand Cane Coral
    • 1x WWC Green Heron Turbinaria
    • 1x WWC Raspberry Pie Acan Bowerbanki
    • 1x Jason Fox Sector 001 Favites


    Pictures are representative of the frag pack you will receive - Actual frags will be similar to those pictured, but will naturally vary.


    About World Wide Corals

    Like BRS, World Wide Corals has an uncompromising commitment to serving their customers. The folks at WWC are veterans in the hobby with an experienced staff of reef hobbyists caring for their systems and corals. They've been shipping corals for a number of years, and it's no secret that their frags and shipping practices are second-to-none. Just about everyone here at BRS has experienced their service and the quality of WWC corals on many occasions, so when it came to selecting a partner we could trust to bring live corals to our customers, we immediately thought of World Wide Corals. We have come to count on them for a flawless experience every time, and we're confident that you can too.


    Coral Care Guidelines:

    This pack contains a sampling of large polyp stony corals (LPS). Flow and lighting needs will vary between individual specimens, but generally we find the following guidelines to be a helpful starting point for placement. Any adjustments after initial acclimation should be made over weeks or months, not days.


    Soft Corals - Generally prefer low to moderate light and flow. Some specimens may tolerate more light or flow, but adjustments should be made slowly over time with careful observation. A good starting PAR measurement, if you have a meter, would be around 100-150 PAR. Remember, it's much safer to start off with lower PAR and work your way up than risk bleaching a coral from too much light intensity.

    LPS - Similar to soft corals, LPS will typically inhabit lower to moderate flow and light regions. They tend to get nice and fluffy in moderate currents and may not expand if exposed to too much flow, though some varieties can handle a bit more. Lighting needs can vary quite a bit here, but it's pretty safe to start at 100-150 PAR and adjust as needed to get expected color. 

    SPS - As a general rule, sps will typically appreciate higher flow and light. Avoid putting corals in strong direct current, but corals should be placed where they will receive strong, turbulent flow from all directions. PAR should typically be in the range of 200-350, possibly higher for some specimens. Again, start on the lower end of the range, and adjust after observing coral reactions and coloration.


    Recommended Water Conditions

    • Temp: 75-78° F
    • Salinity: 1.025-1.026
    • Alkalinity: 8-9.5 dKH
    • Calcium: 420-450 ppm
    • Magnesium: 1300-1450
    • Nitrates: <30ppm
    • Phosphates: < .10ppm
    • Ammonia: Undetectable
    • Nitrite: Undetectable



    Coral Guarantee


    Any coral or livestock purchase from is 100% guaranteed for 72-hours after delivery to survive. Each purchase comes with a commitment from the BRS team and our trusted livestock vendors for the health of your animals and the satisfaction of your order. No hassles, just contact us and provide us with a photo of the coral within 72 hours after delivery.

    Shipping coral has become very reliable but once in a while an issue can arise and to help minimize negative outcomes, we highly suggest being present at the delivery address to accept delivery in person or to use a holding center where it can be kept in a climate-controlled environment and not exposed to rain or excessive temperature changes. Every vendor has different acclimation instructions and we highly suggest following their instructions for the best results.

    If you ever have an issue with a coral shipment just send us a clear picture of the deceased specimen within 72 hours of the delivery date & time posted by the shipping provider. Do not dispose of any items until instructed to do so as further pictures may be required. Failing to follow the requirements below will void the 3-Day Alive Arrive Guarantee.


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