Gateway2 for Atlantik V4 (Gen 2) LED Fixture

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Wirelessly connect to your Atlantik V4 (Gen 2) LED Light

Control your Atlantik V4 (Gen 2) from your favorite smart device wirelessly! Just connect your gateway to your homes router and then to your Orphek light to control it from your favorite smart device.

  • Easy setup
  • Wireless connection to light
  • Powerful signal
  • iOS & Android compatible
  • Controls up to 200 Atlantik V4 lights

Wirelessly connect your Orphek Atlantik V4 (Gen 2) LED Light to any iOS or Android smart device. The gateway provides a connection between the Atlantik V4 (Gen 2) light and your homes wireless router. Set up only takes a few minutes, and once you are connected you can change your lights preferences from anywhere you have an active internet connection. 


 Download the Orphek V4 (Gen 2) App:

Google Play Store

iTunes App Store


What's Included?

1x Orphek V4 (Gen 2) Atlantik Gateway2

1x Power Supply

1x 25ft Ethernet Cable


Manual Orphek Gateway2 Manual

Manual 2-Step Connection Process

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Product Questions

Does the Gateway have to be hard wired to the router? I have no way to do that, it would have to connect wirelessly to my network.

Thank You
Question by: Jim Wiles on Mar 7, 2020, 6:18 PM
Hi there,

The Gateway would require a direct ethernet connection.

Take care
Answer by: Thomas Billington on Mar 11, 2020, 11:10 AM
Can I link two different phones to one gateway2 so that I and my client can control his orphek light?
Question by: Matt H on Jan 17, 2020, 8:30 PM
Hey there!

The gateway can only be connected to one device. Once the lights are programmed though there should be very little changes made to it.

Take care
Answer by: Thomas Billington on Jan 22, 2020, 2:53 PM