Seachem’s Matrix is a high-porosity biological filter media designed for aquarium filtration. Matrix has a vast internal pore network that provides surface area for the attachment of beneficial bacteria. Porosity and high surface area alone should be the measure of biomedia.

Matrix has a primarily macroporous internal pore structure. This means the pores are large enough for the bacteria to enter and form stable colonies. Large surface area measurements sound impressive but if the pores are too small the bacteria cannot get in and colonize the media. This means the bacteria can only grow on the unprotected surface of the biomedia. The colonies are vulnerable to washout caused by high velocity “microshear,” which is the scrubbing effect of water flowing over smooth surfaces.

Seachem Matrix protects nitrifying bacteria inside the porous network so the colonies remain undisturbed. But there’s more. Under the right conditions natural denitrification can occur, lowering nitrate levels without the need for a special de-nitrification filter. Matrix provides the right microenvironment that allows nitrification and natural denitrification to take place in the same filter.

Seachem Matrix will remove ammonia, nitrite and nitrate! Matrix can be used in any power filter, canister filter, contactor or filter sump. Matrix never needs replacing and can be rinsed if it becomes dirty.