Extreme performance. Very smooth operation. Low power consumption. Easy to maintain.

The impressive outcome:

- First: Extreme performance

- Second: Very smooth operation

- Third: Low power consumption

- Fourth: Easy to maintain

The innovative input:

1. The new NYOS® Hybrid Wheel

- Combines the advantages of needle wheel and lattice wheel

2. The NYOS® Clear-View Reactor

- Transparent, performance-optimised large-volume reaction chamber

3. The NYOS® Twister

- Additional spin for the air bubbles

4. Combination of form and function: the Sinus design

- Flow-optimised double-S shape

5. Precision and details

- e.g. sea-waterproof screws from pure titanium grade 2

6. Optimised, variable setting options

- Water quantity and air quantity can be set separately.

7. Compact construction yet can be dismantled completely

- No external pump, can be dismantled completely

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