The Maxspect Gyre ( is one of the most exciting new aquarium products to hit the market in recent years.

**The XF130 has since been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced with the new XF230 model (**

The first Gyre pump, the XF150, was released late last year and basically changed the way we produce water flow in our aquariums. The unrivaled flow it produced has allowed many hobbyists with large aquariums to reduce the number of powerheads in their tanks to create a more natural reef environment.

Now Maxspect has released a smaller version of the Gyre called the XF130, which will allow even more hobbyists to experience this revolutionary water-moving technology.

The Maxspect Gyre XF130 is 10\" long, which is a whole 2\" shorter compared to the bigger XF150 model. It produces a maximum flow rate of 2300 gallons per hour (GPH) and can be set to run at lower flow rates so you can dial it in perfectly for your nano tank—or pretty much any aquarium from 25 to 100 gallons in size and up to 4' in length.

All of the same capabilities and features found on the XF150 are present in the XF130 including the same strong waterproof magnet mounts, programmable controller with mounting cradle and spare rotors for reverse flow operation. Once cool difference is the new rubber suspension mount that helps minimize noise.

The controller is pretty simple to use. It has two buttons and a control dial that allow you to adjust the various settings and switch between different modes. Four modes of operation are programmed into the controller: Constant Speed Mode, Pulsing Mode, Alternating Gyre Mode and Feed Mode. To see how each of these modes work, just watch the video which accompanies this blog post.

Mounting the Gyre in your tank can be done two ways. You have the horizontal mount which is good for long tanks with open rock work. It will move water across the top and then roll back across the bottom in constant speed mode.

Vertical mounting is nice for the back of your tank to help push water around the front of a peninsula or in cube-shaped aquarium. It can also help get water moving behind a rock wall or to a specific area of your tank that naturally has a dead spot.

The XF130 works best in standard 55, 75 and 90 gallon aquariums but would also be a great choice for many of the popular nano tanks starting at 25 gallons and up. Multiple Gyres can even be used together for larger aquariums or to create some very interesting wave effects.

Having adequate water flow is one of the keys to having a successful reef aquarium. If you have questions about flow, the new Gyre XF130 or any other aquarium-related topic, please don't hesitate to contact us for expert advice from our friendly staff of fish nerds.

Until next time... take care and happy reefkeeping.

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