JBJ Cubey 3 Gallon Desktop Aquarium: https://goo.gl/3cySfv


The Cubey is JBJ's smallest all-in-one aquarium yet! Measuring a mere 8\" x 10.75\" x 11\", the Cubey has a contemporary look perfect for your home or office. Most tiny tanks skimp on the features, but the Cubey is different. It comes equipped with a 3-stage filtration system, hood with built-in LED lighting and a cool wireless remote to control the lights from your couch.

In this video review, Metrokat breaks down all the tank's major features, shows how she's customized the filter chamber compartments and shares some of the potential modes you can make to your cubey.

Metrokat had a particular vision for this tank, so you'll also get to see the cool artificial tree she built that rests upon a bed of green star polyps... along with a little red wagon filled with potted majanos. Do not miss this unique build!


Metrokat has been in the saltwater hobby for just over 3 years. Corals and nano fish are her favorite and she keeps well over 100 different corals and clams in her 34G. Her current tank has been TOTM on Nano-Reef, featured on Marine Depot and Reef Builders. She enjoys researching and learning about new technologies, foods and husbandry in the hobby.


\"The new 3G Cubey DeluxE from JBJ is a little tank with a lot of potential. This video discusses what comes standard with the tank and the upgrades you could do. Separating the power supply for the lights and return pump is an essential mod in my opinion\" — Metrokat, 8/11/14

Metrokat used the following equipment to upgrade the JBJ Cubey featured in this video review:

- \"For lights, I used EcoPico LED strips: 2 x 12K white/453nm and 1 x 12K white.\" - https://goo.gl/Pgf4Sr

- \"For a controller, I used the Current USA Dual Ramp Timer.\" - https://goo.gl/yem85w

- \"For filter media, I used Chemipure Blue 5.5 oz.\" - https://goo.gl/gCwFiQ

- \"For a return pump upgrade I used an 80 GPH submersible pump.\"


In 2014, we invited aquarium hobbyists from across the United States to join us for 6-month assignment as an aquarium product tester. The five finalists whose sample videos received the most social votes were invited to join our inaugural product test team.


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JBJ Cubey 3 Gallon Desktop Aquarium: https://goo.gl/3cySfv