Ever have the perfect piece of equipment in mind that will complete your build? Now have you ever been ready to buy it and find that its out of stock or discontinued? Today Matthew walks you through his method of finding replacements for those products that he just cant seem to get a hold of!

0:01:25 Is it a suitable replacement?

0:02:40 Tanks

0:05:24 Lights

0:08:47 Dry Reef Rock

0:09:39 Sand

0:11:32 Heaters

0:12:52 RO/DI Filters

0:13:48 Refractometers

0:14:16 Test Kits

0:14:52 Magnetic Algae Scrapers

0:15:34 Hand-Held Scrapers

0:16:01 Salt

0:16:40 Gravel Vaccums

0:16:56 Nets

0:17:30 Surge Protectors

20 Gallon Build: https://www.marinedepot.com/search?tag=my-first-fish-tank-20-gallon-build

40 Gallon Build: https://www.marinedepot.com/search?tag=my-first-fish-tank-40-gallon-build

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