You asked and we listened. In this companion clip to our original AquaMaxx ConeS Protein Skimmer video (, we're going to take an ever closer look at this protein-removing monster. We'll show you how to assemble the skimmer—so you'll know exactly how to set yours up—plus we've got some live footage of this baby in action.

A few product highlights:

— The revolutionary bubble plate features cool, coke bottle-shaped mini cones that reduce turbulence and produce a stable, laminar flow that improves bubble transition and boosts skimmer performance.

— The collection cup is baffled on the inside and features a drain fitting to prevent overflow. You can also remove the cup to dispose of waste using the handle on the side. Genius!

— The AquaMaxx ConeS features an Italian-made Sicce pump equipped with a special needle wheel impeller to whip up a ton of optimally sized bubbles for vigorous waste removal.

— This video highlights the in-sump CO-1 protein skimmer, suitable for tanks up to 175-gallons. By the time you watch this, two additional sizes may already be available: the CO-2 for aquariums up to 350-gallons and the CO-3 for tanks up to 500-gallons.

Here are a few comments about the CO-1 from users running the skimmer:

\"Build quality is great, foot print if you have limited space in your sump is great. This unit is almost silent no noise from the air intake and just about no noise from the pump. In all I'm very satisfied with this skimmer, crystal clear water, typical AquaMaxx quality and pricing.\" — William Burkholder of Warrington, PA

\"I like the appearance of this skimmer. It looks like a rocket. The collection cup style is innovative. Another strong point of this skimmer is that it is very easy to take apart for cleaning. It produces nice foam after about 6 hours. This skimmer is quite compact. The little cones inside the bubble plates are pretty nice too. I like this skimmer a lot and considering buying a second unit.\" — Huan Do of Westminster, CA

\"This is my second AquaMaxx skimmer and appears to be the best of two. This skimmer is cone shaped with strong good bubble spread. This skimmer fit my sump due to the 5 inch base size. This skimmer far exceeds others I have used and only in the first day of use. There are a few refinements with the collection cup that will lead to easer cleaning and maintenance.\" — Curtis Howard of Diamond Bar, CA

Check out detailed specs and photographs of the AquaMaxx ConeS CO-1 In-Sump Protein Skimmer on our website: