As the name suggests the Kamoer X1 PRO WiFi dosing pump is an app-controlled single doser capable of administering your choice of liquid to your reef tank on demand. Its small size and small price point mean that you can now buy into auto dosing at an entry-level price but then daisy chain up to another three X1 and run all four off the same power supply, and control multiple units via one android or ios app.

The X1 can dose any volume from .1ml to 9999.9ml (2.6 gallons,) as frequently as 24 times per day down to just once every 99 days, with an accuracy of +/- 2%, and can even be programmed to dose on different days of the week. 

Built-in battery back-up stores settings in the event of loss of power, its got flow calibration settings and can monitor the amount of liquid remaining in the dosing container. 

With its convenience and versatility, this single doser won’t just be the domain of the reef keeping community either, as it could dose complete liquid plant foods to aquascapes and freshwater aquariums, paludariums or terrariums.

A small device which could come in handy for a wide variety of liquid dosing applications.