The most notable advance in algae magnets must surely be the invention of the floating magnet. Before that, if the two magnets came apart the wet side would plummet to the bottom of the tank, meaning a wet arm to retrieve it. Mag-Float changed all that and we’ve all had drier arms ever since. 

So when Tunze reinvented the algae magnet with the novel looking Care Magnet, it included many features we had not seen before like an ergonomic shape, a body that was lifted away from the glass so as not to trap sand, and dual, different-sized blades at either end. But it didn’t float. So despite some 21st-century design attributes, it missed out the single most important one. 

But Tunze has clearly seen the error of their ways and launched their own Magnet Cleaner Floats to clip onto the Care Magnet and ensure that if it loses grip, it bobs up to the surface instead of heading for your delicate coral skeletons. And the problem is solved. 

It comes as a set of two to fit onto the Long, Strong, and Strong + magnets, but it will cost you $13 on top of the cost of the magnets and is sold separately. 

Hopefully one day they will be included.