Aquarium filter pioneers Eheim have upgraded their flagship models with the introduction of Wi-fi control. The professionel 5e external filter range follows on from the top-end 4e with a DC pump and speed/flow functions including constant flow, bio mode, pulse mode and manual mode. But this time you can control it on your smartphone and the device will send you notifications if there’s an issue. An intelligent filter, it can also purge itself of air and the 350e can extend cleaning intervals if you’re not going to be there to physically clean it out. 

There are four models in the range, the 350e, 450e, 600T and 700e, designed for aquariums from 180-700 litres/47-185 gallons. The 600T thermofilter comes with built-in heater, the model of choice if your budget can stretch to it, as then you don’t need a heater in the main tank. Inside the canister, the element is protected from fish as well as enabling even heat distribution to the tank above.

The thermo is still strictly freshwater-only however, and I think Eheim have missed out there by not opting for a saltwater proof titanium element which would enable the Eheim thermofilter to be used on marine tanks. Something that still precludes those on the salty side from running one. 

The filters are made in Germany and come with a three-year guarantee, which will help give peace of mind and sway potential buyers to invest in this top of the range piece of equipment. And if you run a freshwater tank this filter is about as high-tech as it gets, has a price tag to match, and you will be the envy of your friends. 

With the external canister filter market becoming more competitive and most manufacturers now able to supply a leak-proof, media-rich alternative to Eheim’s mean green sludge machines, this couldn’t have come at a better time. The professional 5e places Eheim firmly back at their rightful place at the top of the leaderboard. For now at least anyway!  

The app also enables wireless Eheim LED lighting control.  

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