Dr Tims Aquatics

Does cyano have you pulling your hair out? Got diatoms that won't go away? Are your nutrients out of whack?

The way you cycle your aquarium can actually impact its success long term. We discussed the pros and cons of a fishless cycle vs. cycling with fish and how to control the uglies in a new aquarium with Dr. Timothy A. Hovanec, the founder of DrTim's Aquatics.

Dr. Tim holds over a dozen patents and has authored numerous papers on aquatic microbiology, water quality, and filtration techniques for closed system life-support systems.

Join us for an informative discussion about the aquarium nitrogen cycle and how it can determine your success in the hobby! This live call was recorded on November 14, 2018. Once you're done listening to this episode, check out Marine Depot Chats with Experts episodes 1-9 on our blog. We record every episode so you'll never miss an insight or announcement!

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