AlgaGen is a Florida-based marine biotechnology company that specializes in growing microalgae.

Over the past 15 years, the company has been growing algae cultures for a variety of high-tech industries including biofuel production, cosmaceutical, biomedical, public aquariums and aquaculture. You may be familiar with their reef foods like AlgaGen PODS, Coral Smoothie and PhycoPure products.

We're really excited about a new AlgaGen food available only from Marine Depot - PhycoPure SeaPro!

AlgaGen has once again come out with an innovation nobody thought was possible. SeaPro is a single species Nannochloropsis oculata phytoplankton concentrate.

No big deal, right? Not so fast.

The live algae culture arrives at your home in a frozen "suspended animation" state. But once thawed, the phytoplankton instantly become alive in your reef tank!

Benefits of Live Phytoplankton in the Reef Aquarium

Phytoplankton are at the bottom of the reef food chain but they're at the top of list regarding importance.

"Microalgae/Phytoplankton is a critical component of the marine food chain. It should be a part of the tools people use when feeding or keeping a reef," said Erik Stenn, CEO of AlgaGen LLC. "The advantages of using live feeds is similar to eating fresh fruits and vegetable. Everything has to 'eat' and better to get something rather than nothing. In this case, processed product is great but live and fresh is arguably better."

These tiny plants use light energy (photosynthesis) to extract nitrate, phosphate, trace elements and other substances from the aquarium water. The phytoplankton convert these simple substances into energy-rich essential fatty acids (EFAs) and concentrated trace elements. Filter-feeding corals capture and digest the algae cells, benefiting from the EFAs and other essential nutrients. Copepods and other zooplankton hiding out in your reef tank will also feast on live phytoplankton. These tasty, plump copepods will then be eaten by corals and fish. Adding phytoplankton provides filter feeders with direct nutrition and also maintains the copepod population as a natural food source.

"You can feed invertebrates, filter feeders, some copepods, Amphipods, feather-dusters, and some corals," Stenn told us.

How to Use PhycoPure SeaPro

The product is shipped frozen from Marine Depot to your door. You'll receive one 50ml bottle of SeaPro and a cube tray. Let the bottle thaw in your refrigerator. Once thawed, squeeze the algae into the cube tray and refreeze the tray immediately. The frozen SeaPro cubes remain alive for several months in the freezer.

To activate the phytoplankton, place one frozen cube into 8 oz of freshly made saltwater, swirl gently until dissolved. Pour directly into the tank or use a target feeder. The algae are completely natural and contain no preservatives. You can't over-feed the tank. Freshly made live phytoplankton will keep in the refrigerator for 7-10 days. AlgaGen has made it possible for you to have live phytoplankton on demand!

"In developing PhycoPure SeaPro, we wanted to make it even easier for people to get access to live cultures of phytoplankton," Stenn said. "You can grow your own by setting up space with lights, aeration, adding the right type of nutrient and the right amount of nutrient, avoiding contamination, etc. Or you can pop a frozen cube into clean 'seawater,' the cube will thaw and start to reconstitute; aerate if you want, certainly shake it now and again, and the culture will grow. One cube will sufficiently darken an 8 oz bottle."

How to Order PhycoPure SeaPro from Marine Depot

Marine Depot makes it easy to have frozen foods delivered fresh to your door. Our strict quality control and economical flat-rate shipping ensures you always get the finest quality frozen foods at a reasonable price. Order as little or as much as you want—shipping remains a very palatable $19.99. :)

AlgaGen PhycoPure SeaPro ($39) is now in stock exclusively (for a limited time, anyway) at Marine Depot.

We are super-duper excited to try out this new live food option! If you're as psyched as we are and decide to give it a try, please write a review about your experiences using PhycoPure SeaPro on our website to help us and other hobbyists out (plus you'll earn reward points that you can redeem for a discount on a future purchase!).

"We are actively looking at expanding this concept," Stenn teased. "We think that this concept has great potential for the hobby and for people who are after a high-level of nutritional feed and have less time to spend or desire to start from scratch or build out a phytoplankton production facility in their home."