JBJ rimless all-in-one aquariums are known for their clean lines, quality construction and affordable price. Not satisfied to rest on past achievements, JBJ has introduced three new rimless AIO aquariums aimed especially at the reef keeping community. While the original rimless tank line up is great, the new mid-size Flat Panel All-In One aquariums have some new features reef-keepers are sure to love.

"By listening to consumers’ opinions and observing the trends, JBJ is upgrading their products to a more contemporary look and style," said Manny Mandalia, JBJ's Director of Sales and Marketing. "These AIO aquariums are designed for both beginner and expert hobbyists. The AIO filtration makes it easy for a beginners to set up a reef aquarium for success. The large filtration area and use of non-tempered glass allows experts to expand and customize the filtration to fit their needs."

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Flat Panel aquariums start at $780 and are constructed of 8 mm to 10mm high-clarity flat glass. The panels are joined with black silicone and mated to a filtration compartment in the rear. The aquariums are available in 25, 45 and 65 gallon capacities. The aquariums sit on ultra-modern gloss black cabinet stands. There is no visible hardware on the cabinet, making the entire setup look minimalist with smooth lines that fit into modern home and office settings. But these new tanks are more than just good-looking!

Check Out These NEW Filtration Features:

  • Larger filtration/pump compartment
  • Independent water pumps with fan nozzles
  • Includes a 4-inch universal micron filter sock plus 10 filter socks
  • Designated protein skimmer section
  • Heater chamber

"With features like low-iron glass and a high polished stand, JBJ Flat Panel aquariums will easily fit in with today's décor to compliment your work or living space," said Mandalia. "The price points of the Flat Panel Series make them an affordable choice regardless of your level of experience."

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We really like that the filter sock holder works with any 4-inch sock. That means you don't have to buy a proprietary filter sock that only JBJ produces when you need replacements. The larger filter compartment makes it easy to add media and service the filtration system. The 25-gallon tank comes with one return pump. The 45 and 65 gallon systems include two water pumps.

JBJ SK-45 Protein Skimmer JBJ SK-45 Skimmer

Mandalia told us JBJ's own SK-45 skimmer fits inside the 25 and 45 gallon models.

"We are still working on a larger skimmer that will fit on the 65 gallon," Mandalia shared. "I do not have a time frame since we are still in the testing phase. We want to make sure the skimmer will work effectively and efficiently."

The AquaMaxx HOB-1.5 would be a great skimmer choice for any of the Flat Panel tanks, particularly the 45 and 65 gallon models.  It has a hang-on-back design to preserve the precious real estate in your back filter chambers. We used the original HOB-1 on JBJ's last 45 gallon aquarium model—you can check out that tank build (with video) here.

One of the things that really struck us about these tanks when we saw them on display at Reef-A-Palooza California this year was just how big the back filtration areas are. That got our wheels turning about what we might put back there! We reached out to Steve Taggart of inTank to see if he plans on building custom filter media baskets for these tanks in the future.

"We do have plans," confirmed Taggart. "I was playing with them at MACNA and if I recall correctly, one of ours now fits the rear chamber."

Taggart continued, "As with any new aquarium, we see how the market is reacting first. But these should do well, and the chambers are almost identical to their Rimless line so a new design isn't needed. If anything, we have something already or need to make just a small change."

Filter Media Cup 4" Filter Media Cup

Although filter socks do an amazing job of polishing your water (JBJ generously includes 10 socks with their starter kits), they need to be changed out often and can be expensive to replace if you're not in the habit of washing them yourself.

That's why we're excited that the 4" Filter Media Cups fit right into the Flat Panel's filter sock holders! Pack in affordable filter floss for mechanical filtration or drop-in your favorite media. Easy-peasy!

The combination of great looks, functionality and build-quality make these JBJ Flat Panel tanks the perfect foundation to create a beautiful reef aquarium!