Phosphate levels are an important parameter to monitor in reef tanks because elevated phosphate levels can lead to nuisance algae growth as well as the growth of your corals.  Now phosphate is required for many of the biological processes in your tank to take place but they must be kept within manageable levels in order for your reef tank to thrive.

Standard phosphate test kits require titration and it can be difficult to get a precise reading from the color charts these titration test kits rely on.  The Hanna Instruments phosphate checkers help to eliminate the risk of human error and make testing your phosphate levels easy, accurate and mess free.

Hanna offers two different phosphate checkers for marine aquariums. The first is the standard phosphate checker which can measure levels between 0.00 and 2.50 PPM with a resolution of .01 PPM and an accuracy window of plus or minus 0.04 ppm.  This checker is great for situations in which higher nutrients are to be expected such as heavily stocked fish only systems, soft coral aquariums and non-photosynthetic tanks. 


Hanna Instruments Phosphate Checker


The second checker is the Ultra Low Range Phosphorus checker which is ideal for a majority of reef hobbyists that require precise phosphate control. This ULR phosphorus checker measures levels between 0 and 200 PPB, has a resolution of 1 PPB and an accuracy of plus or minus 5 ppb.  This means that you can more precisely measure phosphate within a lower range that may not be detectable with other phosphate test kits on the market.

If you’re having algae problems and need to get your phosphate levels in check or are wanting to take your reef keeping to the next level with ultra-precise testing, the Hanna Instruments Phosphate and Phosphorous ULR checkers are great options.