Perhaps the most talked-about aquariums of 2016, these Innovative Marine Concept Abyss aquariums are like nothing else in the market. The unique drop-off design and the gorgeously-finished white pedestal really make them stand out.

Available in peninsula or panorama styles, the IM Abyss aquariums are made of 8mm high-clarity acrylic and feature built-in filtration compartments on the back of the aquariums. Water is first filtered through a filter sock then travels through the back chambers before being pump back into your aquarium.


As with other Innovative Marine aquariums, you are able to customize your own filtration system by adding a Desktop Ghost Skimmer, a Desktop MiniMax Media Reactor or swapping out the stock filter sock with a Desktop CustomCaddy.

With such a unique platform and so many supporting products available, you can easily create "your" aquatic masterpiece.

-Take Care and Happy ReefKeeping!