This new LED light from MaxSpect is one that many of us have been eager to get our hands on for quite some time. The futuristic fixture was first shown in its prototype form at Interzoo in Germany back in 2014. Hobbyists were captivated by its unique design, LED layout and contemporary appeal.

Now that the Ethereals are finally available, we are thrilled to be able to test a couple of them over our Innovative Marine SR-80 Aquarium.





As with other MaxSpect products like the Razor and Gyre, the Ethereal’s are impressively packaged. The light fixture and all the components are nicely oriented and safely protected inside the box. Simply opening the package stirs up those adolescent Christmas Morning feelings.

The Ethereal light fixture, a power adaptor with 3 prong power cord, 2-piece mounting bracket, and hardware along with a multi-language basic instruction booklet are included.

Now with the unboxing out of the way, we’re ready to get our hands dirty!

The Ethereal measures just 1.3” thick and feature an advanced crossflow fan. It draws air from both above and below the fixture and pushes that air out of the sides to keep the fixture cool. The fan only operates as needed so quiet operation is to be expected. An RGB LED light illuminates the fan which can actually be set to any color you like which is a pretty cool feature for those of you who like to keep your tank looking fresh.




Top-of-the-line CREE LED chips in 10 different colors are used inside the Ethereal. Together with its optimized 100-degree lenses and reflective cups, the Ethereal offers excellent color spectrum and blending which eliminates the dreaded disco effect.

It will consume a maximum of 130W of power and will effectively cover an area that measures 24” x 24”. The coverage can be stretched up to an area of 30” x 30” if less light intensity is required.




The Ethereal features 5 channels for lighting control. Basic, manual adjustments can be done via the control knob on the fixture, but an ICV6 Controller that connects to your home wiFi network is required for advanced control and automated programming. This ICV6 controller is sold separately but one controller can oversee up to 200 Ethereal lights and will also be capable of controlling future MaxSpect products.  The controllers are also easily accessed via your Android or iOS device such as a cellphone or tablet.


The beefy mounting bracket is ultra-versatile and can be used on rimless aquariums, euro-braced aquariums, or standard rimmed aquariums. The bracket allows you to adjust the height of the fixture as well as its reach. Maxspect also offers an optional hanging kit for those of you who prefer to suspend the fixture instead of attaching it to the edge of your tank.

So far all of us are really impressed with the new MaxSpect Ethereal LED fixture. It looks great, offers excellent light output, and has all of the fancy control options we expect out of high-end aquarium LED light. I am personally excited to see how these new lights perform on our SR-80 aquarium and am even more amped to see how all of the corals will respond in the long run.  Be sure to check our social media accounts for future updates on the tank and see for yourself just how awesome these new lights are.


- Take Care and Happy Reefkeeping!