We just got word Innovative Marine is releasing a probe holder like you've never seen before.

The CustomCradle is compatible with all current probes on the market, including the Neptune Systems Apex temperature probe. The CustomCradle organizes your devices in the most simple and efficient way possible.

CustomCradle XL

Here some of the convenient features the CustomCradle offers:

  • No need for thumb screws
  • Probes do not need to be threaded through
  • Magnetic catch
  • Probes stay in place when changing out
  • Fully encapsulated magnets to prevent from rusting
  • Magnet strength 8mm for Nano and 12mm for XL thick glass
The CustomCradle gives you a clutter-free solution to secure and organize your aquarium probes (3 on the nano; 4 on the XL), tubing from a dosing pump (2 x 1/4" OD on the nano; 4 x 1/4" OD on the XL) as well as the return for your ATO system.


  • Nano 2 Doing Tubes Holder - 1/4" OD 
  • 3 Probes 
  • Dims: 3.5" x 1.75" x 1.25"

CustomCradle XL

  • 4 Doing Tubes Holder - 1/4" OD 
  • 4 Probes  1 ATO Holder - 1/2" OD 
  • Dims: 6" x 1.75" x 1.25"
Pre-installed foam pads cradle your probes to ensure a tight fit. This combination gives you three points of contact and keeps your probes from accidentally falling into your aquarium.
CustomCradle Nano
Innovative Marine lives up to their namesake once again by eliminating thumbscrews and instead use a magnetic cap system to hold your probes in place. Insert ATO and dosing lines with ease into laser-cut holes. The high-powered magnet are fully encapsulated in a cell-cast all acrylic body to prevent it from rusting.
Innovative Marine CustomCradle from the top down showing magnetic cap system
Word is Innovative Marine will be offering the CustomCradle Nano for $29.99 and the CustomCradle XL for $49.99. Pricing is subject to change, of course, but providing us this information so close to launch is a good sign they will stay priced economically under $50.
Innovative Marine CustomCradle Nano holds 3 probes and 2 tubes for dosing supplements
According to Innovative Marine, both sizes should begin shipping to retailers like Marine Depot sometime later this week. We'll keep our fingers crossed they get here soon (we are just as anxious as you to try these out!) and, of course, add a product page to our website so you can order as soon as they become available!

Until next time, take care and happyreefkeeping.


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