Welcome to my hands-on preview of the new Maxspect Celestial Spotlight!

The model I have been testing the past few days is the C35F Full Spectrum version.

The fixture comes with an adjustable mounting bracket that tightens onto the side or back or your aquarium. I have a rimless aquarium and, as you can see in the photo below, was able to use the screws to tighten the clamp down so the light would rest securely on my aquarium.

I would probably place a shim or block between the tank and clamp if I were to keep the light here permanently. It didn't feel wobbly or insecure, but better to be safe than sorry!

The Maxspect Celestial LED also comes with an adjustable arm that is very easy to maneuver and adjust for your specific aquarium needs.

You can program the Maxspect Celestial using two different settings: manual or automatic. I chose to program them manually so I could play with each individual color channel and adjust the intensities. There is a bright digital display and the light is super easy to program since there is only one button to push and turn to set the different color channels.

A closer look at the Maxspect Celestial LED Light's digital display.

I tested the Celestial C35F on my 38 gallon Innovative Marine NUVO aquarium to get an idea of the light spread. Maxspect states this light is ideal for a 14" cube. However, after putting it on my 24 x 19" aquarium, I would say the light spread is approximately 16" x 16".

To give you an idea of the color spectrum, I took pictures of each individual color channel—there are a total of 4. Individually, they are not the best looking, as you can see in my photos below. So what I did was try out the light with all of the colors at 50% intensity and then again at 100% intensity.

Channel A Super Actinic (x2) 410nm, (x2) 420nm, (x2) 430nm
Channel B Blue (x2) 445nm, (x2 )465nm, (x2) 485nm
Channel C White (1) 5000k Cool White, (1) 3000k Warm White, (1) 660nm Hyper Red 
Channel D White (1) 5000k Cool White, (1) 3000k Warm White, (1) 500nm Cyan 
50% intensity on all four channels
My personal favorite: 100% intensity on all four channels

Which is your favorite?

I definitely prefer the look of the light when it's cranked up to 100% intensity, although I would not recommend setting your Celestial at 100% until all of your animals are acclimated to the light.

Overall, I really liked how I could completely program the light to my exact preferences. The fact that it was easy was also a plus. The color the full spectrum light gives off is beautiful—it really made the colors in my corals pop!

The spotlight-style of the Maxspect Celestial C35F definitely achieved the desirable metal halide-like shimmer effect in my aquarium, which is gorgeous and looked very natural.

I only wish the light spread were wider so I could keep this as the primary light on my reef tank. Rumor has it Maxspect will be releasing a similar light in the fall with a 20" spread. Stay tuned!