What Is The Maximum Flow Rate?

This simply depends on the exact model which are rated as follows in Gallons Per Hour (GPH).

  • Red Dragon 3 Mini Speedy: 1,321 GPH
  • Red Dragon 3 Speedy 100: 3,100 GPH
  • Red Dragon 3 Speedy 150: 4,500 GPH
  • Red Dragon 3 Speedy 230: 6,350 GPH
  • Red Dragon 3 Speedy 230HP: 5,000 GPH

What Is The Difference Between The Speedy 230 and 230HP - High Pressure?

In addition to the price difference, the 230HP has a higher maximum head pressure. It is specifically made for situations with more head pressure which might include long vertical runs of plumbing or simply complex plumbing to multiple devices or tanks. In most typical aquarium situations, the Speedy 230 is going to be sufficient. 

Maximum Head Pressure Rating:

  • Red Dragon 3 Mini Speedy: 13 ft
  • Red Dragon 3 Speedy 100: 17 ft
  • Red Dragon 3 Speedy 150: 21 ft
  • Red Dragon 3 Speedy 230: 22 ft
  • Red Dragon 3 Speedy 230HP: 30 ft

What Makes The Red Dragon Speedy Pump Special?

The Royal Exclusiv brand is defined almost solely by the impeccable quality of its products. The Speedy 3 pumps are built with titanium screws, rotor, and stator and use high-performance ceramic bearings. The wiring, control box, and plumbing connections are all beefed up relative to other aquarium pumps which result in longevity and reliability; two things that are especially important with a saltwater aquarium. Not only do you want your pump to work, but your fish and other tank inhabitants NEED it to work.  They are compact, run very quietly, and are energy efficient which means you are never compromising form for function, you really do get the best all-around performance. 

What Is The Pump Warranty?

Royal Exclusiv offers a 2-year manufacturer warranty. You also have access to a complete list of replacement parts which includes everything from a replacement screw to a new impeller and bearings. Even if the pump should eventually show signs of wear, the available replacement parts will get you back on your feet and won't be hard to find.

How Do You Control The Red Dragon Speedy 3 Pumps?

Speedy 3 pumps are DC controllable water pumps that come with a physical control box that allows you to manually make adjustments (up/down) to the pump speed.  The adjustments can be set to either 2-watt or 10-watt increments to accommodate the level of precision you need over the flow rate. 

With the use of the appropriate adapter and cable, you can also connect the controller to your Neptune Systems Apex or GHL Profilux for additional control and monitoring features. Thise includes remote monitoring, custom feed & maintenance modes, programming a flow schedule, and flow monitoring.