Coral Propagation and Fragging

Let Ryan and Randy show you how to frag and grow corals in your reef tank. Get the best techniques for fragging success and find out how the pros do it via our library of educational videos about coral propagation in saltwater aquariums.
  1. Watch Video - BRStv Buyers Guide To Aquascaping Adhesives

    BRStv Buyer's Guide To Glue, Epoxy and Mortar For Aquascaping Dry Live Rock

    Choose the right adhesive, epoxy, or mortar to build a functional and stable aquascape in your reef tank.
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  2. Watch Video - Top Tips For Fragging LPS Corals

    Top Tips to Frag Your LPS Corals! Learn How to Frag Acans, Torch Corals, Chalice Corals and More!

    Jen shares her best tips and clever secrets for the successful and safe fragmentation of your LPS corals.
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  3. Watch Video - Top 10 Tips For Fragging Soft Corals

    Top 10 Tips for Successfully Fragging Soft Corals, Zoanthids, Leathers, Mushrooms and More!

    Learn how to frag your favorite soft corals safely using these Top 10 Tips.
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  4. Watch Video - BRStv Buyers Guide To Frag Plugs

    Over 30+ Different Types of Coral Frag Plugs Out There. How Do You Know Which Type to Get?

    Purchase your frag plugs and coral mounts with confidence using the BRStv Buyer's Guide to Frag Plugs
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  5. Watch Video - Top 20 Coral Fragging Mistakes

    Want to Know the Secrets to Fragging Corals? Avoid These Top 20 Coral Fragging Mistakes!

    Frag coral like a pro and avoid these top 20 mistakes when cutting and gluing your corals.
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  6. BRStv Product Spotlight - BRS Deluxe Coral Propagation Kit

    Thinking About How to Frag Corals in Your Reef Tank? Start With the Right Set of Tools

    Cut your coral frags with precision and care using the BRS Deluxe Coral Propagation Kit
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  7. BRStv Product Spotlight - BRS General Bonding Super Glue

    Need Thinner Liquid Super Glue? Use This BRS General Bonding Glue Instead of BRS Extra Thick Gel

    BRS General Bonding Glue is a thinner consistency super glue that is best used for aquascaping and general repairs around your tank.
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  8. Top 23 Coral Mounting Mistakes

    Adding New Corals To Your Reef Tank? Avoid These Mistakes At All Costs!

    Knowing exactly what to do with that brand new coral frag can make a world of difference!
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