Top 10 Tips

Quick tips to help you skip the learning curve and become a better reef tank owner.
  1. Watch Video - Top 10 Tips For Saving Money While Keeping A Reef Tank

    Is Keeping a Saltwater Aquarium Expensive? With a Little Help From Thomas, It Doesn't Have to Be!

    These money-saving tips are a great reminder that reef aquariums don't have to break the bank!
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  2. Watch Video - Top Tips For Fragging LPS Corals

    Top Tips to Frag Your LPS Corals! Learn How to Frag Acans, Torch Corals, Chalice Corals and More!

    Jen shares her best tips and clever secrets for the successful and safe fragmentation of your LPS corals.
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  3. Top 15 Maintenance Tools Every Reef Tank Owner Should Have

    Top 15 Maintenance Tools Everyone Should Have for Their Saltwater Reef Tank!

    Do yourself a favor and get these Top 15 Maintenance Tools to make your aquarium upkeep easier.
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  4. Watch Video - Top 10 Tips For Fragging Soft Corals

    Top 10 Tips for Successfully Fragging Soft Corals, Zoanthids, Leathers, Mushrooms and More!

    Learn how to frag your favorite soft corals safely using these Top 10 Tips.
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  5. Watch Video - Red Sea Calcium Pro Test Kit Top 10 Tips

    Top Tips to Getting the Best Results From Your Red Sea Calcium Test Kit Pro!

    Ten tips that will help you get the most accurate and consistent results when using your Red Sea Calcium Pro Test Kit.
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  6. Watch Video - Ten Reasons You Need These Tunze Aquarium Tongs For Your Saltwater Tank!

    Ten Reasons You Need These Tunze Aquarium Tongs For Your Saltwater Tank!

    Ten ways the Tunze Aquarium Tongs can help you take care of your reef tank.
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  7. Top 12 Tips For Your EcoTech Marine VorTech Pumps

    12 Helpful Tips You Might Be Missing If You Have EcoTech MP10, MP40 or MP60 VorTech Pumps

    Get some valuable tips to ensure long last performance and get the most out of your EcoTech Marine VorTech pumps.
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  8. Top 10 Tips For Adding Sand To Your Aquarium

    Top 10 Tips to Adding Sand In Your New Saltwater Aquarium or Established Reef Tank

    Jen delivers our top 10 tips for the successful and mess-free addition of sand to your new or existing aquarium.
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