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Calcium+ (1000g)

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Calcium+ (4000g)

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Nutrient Control Made Easy

  • Raises Calcium level only
  • High purity
  • Zero additives
  • Ideal for 2 part dosing systems


Nyos Calcium+ is a high purity calcium chloride solution designed to raise aquarium calcium levels safely and easily. You can either dose the Calcium+ powder directly into your sump, or you can premix it into a solution with aquarium water before dosing. It is recomended to measure calcium levels in your aquarium at least once a week to ensure adequate levels.



Using the powder directly: 37g (0.5oz) CALCIUM+ will increase the calcium value in a 1000L (100gal) aquarium by 10mg/l (10ppm).


Using the powder in a pre-mixed solution (recommended): Mix 1000g (2.2lb) of CALCIUM+ to 2000ml (0.53 gal) of RODI Water. This solution contains 135,000 mg/l Ca (135,000 ppm Ca)*. 


*This is a reference value; the actual dosage amount may vary.



Available in Two Sizes

1000g (2.2 lbs) Calcium+

4000g (8.8 lbs)Calcium+

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