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Nano All-in-One tanks like the IM Fusion tanks are great for small fish. The biggest issue small fish and invertebrates can have is finding their way down the overflow weirs. The Auqa Gadget Fish Guard will keep the smallest animals out of your filtration compartment. Molded from aquarium safe plastic specifically for fit and function, the Fish Guard installs effortlessly, hides discreetly and gives you peace of mind that your overflow will never hide your fish or inverts again!

  • Protects Small Fish, Anemones, Snails, Plants and other Inverts from entering your overflow
  • Effortless Installation
  • Low Profile
  • 2 Fish Guards per pack



  • Desktop Dimensions: 2.68 x .50 x 1.62
  • DeskTop Model Fits: Nuvo 4, 8, 16, Fusion Nano 10 & 20


Not sure if you have a Desktop, Midsize, or Fullsize Innovative Marine aquarium?


Aquarium Accessory Size
10 Nuvo Fusion Desktop
14 Nuvo Fusion Desktop
15 Nuvo Fusion Desktop
20 Nuvo Fusion Desktop
20 Nuvo Fusion Peninsula Desktop
25 Nuvo Fusion Lagoon Desktop
30L Nuvo Fusion Midsize
40 Nuvo Fusion Midsize
40L Nuvo Fusion Midsize
50 Nuvo Fusion Lagoon Midsize
SR-60 Fullsize
SR-80 Fullsize
SR-120 Fullsize

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Product Questions

Do the fish guards fit the Lagoon 25?
Question by: Stephen Gorey on Mar 20, 2019, 8:39 AM
Great question! The IM Desktop Fish Guard will work with the Lagoon 25.
Answer by: Nick Gansen on Mar 25, 2019, 3:33 PM