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Apex Controller System Dream Bundle

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1 x Apex Controller System   + $0.00

1 x DOS Dosing and Fluid Metering System   + $0.00

1 x EB832 Energy Bar 832   + $0.00

1 x AFS Automatic Feeding System   + $0.00

1 x LDK Leak Detection Kit   + $0.00

1 x FMK Flow Monitoring Kit   + $0.00

1 x Apex Display Module   + $0.00

1 x MPR Magnetic Probe Rack   + $0.00

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    Control and Monitor your Aquarium with the Dream Neptune Apex Controller System!

    Everything from programmable outlets to fish feeding and dosing control, along with flow and leak detection functionality. The Neptune Apex Dream Bundle is exactly what every aquarist needs. 


    Kit Includes:

    1x Apex Controller System

    2x Energy Bar 832

    1x pH PRobe

    1x Temp Probe

    1x ORP Probe

    1x Salinity Probe

    1x DoS Fluid Metering Module

    1x Automatic Feeding System (AFS)

    1x Leak Detection Kit (LDK)

    1x Flow Monitoring Kit (FMK)

    1x Display Module

    1x Magnetic Probe Rack

    Calibration Solution



    Apex Controller System

    Built-in WiFi, Salinity, Temperature, pH, monitoring. Set reminders, log testing, and dosing information and much more

    Included WiFi lets you now connect to the internet even easier. With the Fusion Cloud interface, everything is easier from calibrating probes to customizing outlets. Fusion gives you the ability to monitor and control your Apex from anywhere in the world.

    The Energy Bars have been completely redesigned, with more robust outlets, individual LEDs show the status of each outlet, per outlet power consumption, and 1Link Accessories like the DOS and WAV pump can now connect directly to the Energy Bar 832 saving room, and eliminating messy cords keeping your tank's equipment looking perfect.


    DoS Fluid Metering Module 

    The Neptune DOS Fluid Metering System is one of the smartest dosing pumps on the market. It will hook directly to your existing Neptune Apex or Apex Jr. giving you the ability to program both pumps independently for whatever kind of dosing your tank may need. The DOS pump includes two pump heads for the most common of two-part dosing, but it is not limited to just two part dosing. You can use it for automatic water changes once a week or even once a day, minor trace element additive dosing, liquid food dosing, or pretty much any other liquid your tank may need to be dosed in metered amounts.

    You simply just hook the DOS Fluid Metering system to your Apex controller with the included AquaHub cable and with the Fusion cloud software programming a dosing pump has never been so simple. The DOS system when interfaced through fusion can be programmed to dose a certain amount of liquid between certain intervals of the day. The DOS pump is so smart it will even change the speed of the motor depending on the amount needed to be delivered to the tank to keep noise at a minimum.


    Automatic Feeding System (AFS)

    Add even more convenience to your Apex Controller with the AFS Automatic Feeding System from Neptune Systems. Automate your feedings while you are away on vacation or if just want to remove this from your daily routine, the AFS can feed your tank inhabitants once a day or multiple times a day. Daisy-chain two AFS feeders together to feed two different foods or just increase the storage for those long vacations.


    Leak Detection Kit (LDK) 

    Detecting a leak early can be the difference between saving a tank to an entire loss. Neptune's Leak Detection Kit is the perfect solution for anyone that uses an Apex Controller to monitor and control their aquarium. The LDK system will plug right into your current Apex through the Aquabus connections and includes two Leak Detection Sensors. The sensors can be placed in multiple areas around your tank and its equipment. 

    Pairing an Apex Controller with the LDK lets you monitor and control your aquarium in the event of a leak or an overflow. With Neptune Fusion, you can easily set up alarms that will notify you if a sensor ever detects moisture, and also control any equipment that is powered by an EnergyBar. One common example of common programming and placement is to place a leak detection probe on top of your protein skimmers lid, and if it ever overflows the sensor can notify your Apex of the issue, and shut down the protein skimmer keeping all the skimmate from flowing back into your aquarium. 


    Flow Monitoring Kit (FMK) 

    Know the flow of your reactors, return pumps, drains, or any other piece of plumbing that may have a required flow rate. We have found the FMK to be a great resource for UV sterilizers and GFO reactors to manage the flow rate and ensuring the proper contact time. Each FMK includes one 1" and two 1/2" flow sensors but can accept up to 4 total sensors to the included FMM Module.


    Apex Display Module

    The wired Apex Display module allows you to always have visual access and control of your Apex system, without the need for a smartphone or computer. The new sleek grey display module will now have a soft-glow orange back-lit LCD display with the traditional 7 button layout for easy functionality. You can program multiple different display screens that you can look through with the click of a single button, or be able to enter feed modes for feedings, water changes or other maintenance.


    Magnetic Probe Rack

    Neptune has designed a Magnetic probe rack that will hold up to 4 probes with one hole being slightly over-sized to hold those larger probes like the Neptune temp probe. By simply placing the MPR in your sump or tank, you can now securely hold all your probes in a single spot. If a probe is left loose their is a good chance it may float with the business end being exposed to the air and causing a false reading. The Neptune MPR can work with glass up to 1/2" thick and keep all your probes secure and safe.

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