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AF Macro (125 mL)

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Aquaforest Macro is a highly concentrated basic fertilizer complete with macro elements necessary for intensive aquatic plant growth. Regular use of AF Macro will ensure fast and healthy growth and intense coloration for freshwater plants.

  • Highly concentrated fertilizer complete with macro elements
  • Contains Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium (NPK) enriched with Magnesium
  • Aids in plant cell structures, protein synthesis, and enzyme development
  • Helps prevent weakening of shoots, growth inhibition, and leave discoloration
  • Perfect for heavily planted aquariums with small amounts of fish


Available in Multiple Sizes

125 mL

250 mL

500 mL

2000 mL


Instructions for Use

  • Add 5mL of AF Macro per 100L of water twice weekly
  • Use with AF Micro and AF Carbon Boost for best results
  • Do not use with other formulas containing macronutrients
  • Absorbents such as zeolite and/or carbon may reduce effectiveness of the formula
  • In case of a higher demand for any of macronutrients, AF N Boost, AF PO4, and AF K Boost may be additionally applied


1 ml in 10 l of aquarium water will raise levels:

N Nitrogen 5,0 mg/l (ppm)

P Phosphorus 0,35 mg/l (ppm)

K Potassium 2,50 mg/l (ppm)

Mg Magnesium 1,2 mg/l (ppm)


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