Triton Core7 Base Elements 1-Gallon Set (Other Methods)

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A Comprehensive Dosing Solution for All Reefing Methods

  • Benefits of Core7 for Non-Triton Method Aquariums
  • Ionically Balanced: Combines Essential Macro and Trace Elements
  • Ready to Use: Requires No Mixing with RO/DI Water.


Much like the Triton Core7 Base Elements, the Core7 Reef Supplements for "Other Methods" is a complete solution to supplementing your tank with major elements like Calcium, Alkalinity, and Magnesium as well as providing your corals with minor and trace elements that are commonly depleted from the tank over time-- all with the goal of maintaining your water parameters as close to natural seawater as possible.

For those who can’t utilize the full Triton method, which requires a large refugium for nutrient control, you can still use Triton 4-part supplements along with your own approach to reef husbandry. The Core7 Supplements for Other Methods is specifically formulated without certain elements that are beneficial for growing macroalgae in a refugium, which may not be desired when utilizing other nutrient export methods like carbon dosing, de-nitrators, water changes or really anything that doesn’t rely on algae-based filtration.

You can also use the Core7 Reef Supplements alongside of Triton ICP/OES Testing and Trace Base elements, in order to continually monitor elevated or depleted elements from your tank and get very specific recommendations for how to correct any deficiencies or elevated levels.


Running the Triton Method? Triton Core7 Triton Method is what you're looking for.


Directions: Start with a dose of 2ml of each solution per 100liters (26 gallons) of aquarium volume. Monitor alkalinity levels and increase or decrease the dose until the target level is achieved.


What's Included?

1-Gallon Core7 Part 1 (Other Methods)

1-Gallon Core7 Part 2 (Other Methods)

1-Gallon Core7 Part 3a (Other Methods)

1-Gallon Core7 Part 3b (Other Methods)


Note: Due to the highly concentrated nature of these products, some crystallization/precipitation may occur during shipping. This is normal and product is still usable. Solution can be easily restored to full liquid by floating in hot water and stirring to dissolve the precipitate. To avoid precipitation, please always store indoors as cold temperatures can result in minor crystallization.

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Additive Type Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium
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