Triton Core7 Base Elements 1-Gallon Set (OPEN BOX)

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Ultra-Pure Balanced Solutions for the Triton Method

  • Use when Employing the Triton Method of Reef keeping
  • Ionically Balanced: Combines Essential Macro and Trace Elements
  • Ready To Use: Requires No Mixing with RO/DI Water.


Core7 is a next generation dosing solution designed to supplement and maintain near-natural sea water parameters for reef aquaria using the Triton Method of reef keeping. The four Core7 liquids do not need to be diluted; they can be used directly from the bottle which saves space and eliminates the hassle and mess of preparation. Core7 solutions have been re-formulated to be even more stable and include a raised pH to promote coral growth.

Years of scientific research combined with observations drawn from tens of thousands of ICP aquarium seawater tests lead to the development of these unique elemental supplements. Used in accordance with the Triton Method, these solutions deliver the natural balance of macro and trace elements essential to a successful reef aquarium while preventing ionic imbalance and eliminating the need to carry out routine water changes.


What is the Triton Method?

The Triton Method is an advanced approach to maintaining reef aquariums, designed to replicate natural sea water conditions as closely as possible for the optimal health and growth of corals and other marine organisms. This method emphasizes ICP water testing and precise supplementation to sustain ideal water parameters without the frequent water changes that are typical with traditional aquarium maintenance.

Here are the key components of the Triton Method:

1. Base Elements Supplementation: Core7 Base Elements are dosed to the aquarium to replenish major, minor, and trace elements that are consumed by corals in the aquarium with the goal of mimicing natural sea water.

2. ICP Water Testing: Triton provides a detailed testing service that analyzes different water parameters using ICP-OES. This precise testing allows aquarium owners to understand exactly what their reef needs and adjust dosing accordingly, reducing guesswork.

3. No Regular Water Changes: One of the Triton Method's most distinctive features is the minimization of regular water changes. Instead, the method relies on maintaining water quality through controlled supplementation and effective filtration.

4. Refugium: A key element of the Triton Method is the use of a refugium—a separate space where macroalgae is grown. The refugium helps control nutrients like nitrates and phosphates, while also absorbing other unwanted chemicals and providing a habitat for beneficial microorganisms.

5. Filtration: Alongside the macro algae refugium, the Triton Method recommends a strong protein skimmer as well as a high 10x turnover rate through your sump for effective filtration. Filter media like carbon are suggested in certain situations to remove contaminants from the water. 


Not running the Triton Method, but still want all the benefits of a balanced dosing solution? Triton Core7 Other Methods is what you're looking for.


Directions: Start with a dose of 2ml of each solution per 100liters (26 gallons) of aquarium volume. Monitor alkalinity levels and increase or decrease the dose until the target level is achieved.


What's Included?

1-Gallon Core7 Part 1

1-Gallon Core7 Part 2

1-Gallon Core7 Part 3a

1-Gallon Core7 Part 3b


Note: Due to the highly concentrated nature of these products, some crystallization/precipitation may occur during shipping. This is normal and product is still usable. Solution can be easily restored to full liquid by floating in hot water and stirring to dissolve the precipitate. To avoid precipitation, please always store indoors as cold temperatures can result in minor crystallization.

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Additive Type Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium
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