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Supra Slim Line Dual T5 Retrofit Fixture

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Space Saving Retrofit T5 Lighting for you Canopy!

Supra Slim LIne Dual T5 Retrofit Fixtures are perfect for hoods or canopies that are tight on space. They can be mounted with the included eye bolts and just add your favorite T5 bulbs and plug it in. For that extra pop with accent lighting add a Reef Brite XHO or Tech LED Strip to each side of the Supra Slim Line to create an awesome hybrid light fixture.

Available in:

  • 24" 24W Dual Slim Line T5
  • 36" 39W Dual Slim Line T5
  • 48" 54W Dual Slim Line T5
  • 60" 80W Dual Slim Line T5

Supra Slim Line Dual T5 Retrofit fixtures are made to fit just about any tank with a canopy and with the tried and true T5 technology success is almost guaranteed. In many cases, multiple retrofit units can be placed in the hood creating a 4 or even 6 bulb fixture. The Slim Line fixtures pack the bulbs tightly allowing you to fit them in tighter spots than traditional Supra Dual fixtures would fit. We really like that the Reef Brite Slim Line retrofit lights can accept brackets to mount Reef Brite's XHO or TECH LED light strips (sold separately). Adding LEDs to your T5 lights can bring a bit of shimmer and pop to your tank and corals. 

  • High-quality aluminum reflectors
  • Reflectors can be rotated individually
  • Energy-efficient electronic ballast
  • Water Proof Sockets
  • Easily add XHO or TECH LEDs


Mounting the Supra Slim Line Dual fixtures is super simple with the included eye hooks that thread directly into the fixtures 1/4 x 20 threaded inserts. They can also be suspended with Reef Brite's Metal Halide Hanging kit. In most cases if the included mounting solution does not work, creating your own using the threaded inserts can be accomplished.


Length Wattage Amount of Bulbs Actual Length Height Width
24" 24W 2x24W 24" 3.25" 5.5"
36" 39W 2x39W 36" 3.25" 5.5"
48" 54W 2x54W 48" 3.25" 5.5"
60" 80W 2x80W 60" 3.25" 5.5"

Note: Power cord does come out of one end requiring approxamately 2" of clearance.


What's Included?

1x Supra Slim Line Dual T5 Fixture with ballast

1x Eye hook set

2x Reflectors


Note: Bulbs not included.

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Product Questions

Are these lights suitable for a LPS or softie tank?
Question by: Chris on Jan 28, 2018, 8:27 AM
Dual T5 lights will be a great choice for a softy/LPS reef tank!
Answer by: Charlie on Jan 28, 2018, 12:28 PM