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    The Reef Status Calcium test is the fastest and easiest way to measure calcium concentrations in your reef tank. This calcium test has an extremely clear color change endpoint, preventing confusion and inaccurate results. Calcium occurs in natural seawater at a concentration between 400 – 410 mg/L. A healthy reef environment should have between 380 – 420 mg/L of calcium. Proper concentrations in a reef aquariums are critical to the growth of corals and other reef building animals, so we recommend regular testing to ensure calcium stays within range. 


    • Up to 150 titration tests for calcium
    • Rapid & simple 3 step procedure
    • Sharpest color change endpoint
    • Precise results in 5 mg/L increments
    • Easy test validation with included reference

    The test is based on titration of calcium with EDTA in the presence of a calcium specific indicator dye after the coprecipitation of magnesium and strontium. During the testing procedure, the sample transitions between pink and true blue. Once the sample turns blue, the test is complete. Calcium concentration corresponds to markings on the titration syringe. Reef Status Strontium is capable of over 150 calcium tests.


    • Test Range:50 to over 500 mg/L calcium
    • Precision: 5 mg/L increments

    What’s Included?

    • Calcium Reagent 1
    • Calcium Reagent 2
    • Calcium Reference
    • Calcium Titrant
    • Sample Pipette
    • Sample Vial & Cap
    • Dilution Vial
    • Scoop
    • Titration Syringe

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