Red Sea Potassium Pro (K) Test Kit

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Red Sea Potassium Pro (K) Test Kit

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Quick Overview

Why does BRS recommend this?

Our favorite all around test kits are the red sea kits.  With easy to follow directions, and consistent results, we always have a Red Sea Potassium Pro test kit in our testing closet.  With almost all potassium test kits they take a bunch of time to complete, and can be a bit difficult to follow correctly.  We have found Red Sea’s Potassium test kit to be the easiest to use.

This Potassium Pro kit contains 40 tests. Easy to use, high precision Titrator. High quality and reliability. Affordable reagent refills.


Full Details

Kit Includes: 40 tests
Test Type: Titrator
Accuracy: ±12 ppm
Range: 150-450 ppm
Affordable reagent refills


11 Items

  • Awful Test Kit By Wil Santiago on 6/26/2017

    Bought this kit and color is very hard to determine. Also, I am using the Salifert test kit and that kit gives me a reading each time of 440 and the Red Sea gives me a reading of 340. What gives!
  • Does not work By chris on 5/30/2017

    I have run the test a few times now, which is long, and I have never seen the end point color change. I watched the red sea video and they obtained a blue color which does not happen when I test.
  • it takes a lot of practice By Ronald on 12/30/2016

    reagent D will crystalize if the temperature drops below about 65 degrees but will go back to solution if you gently warm it. do not look at the change in color using sunlight. use a white florescent light in a dark room and hold the vial close to the light as you drip the reagent. the color doesn't change much so what you are looking for is a change from purple to a milky looking blue. the key to the change is the milky blue.....
  • Can't detect color change By Jeffrey on 2/25/2016

    I purchased the Reef Colors Pro Multi Test. Good luck trying to notice the color change with the Potassium. Could have used the money on something else. Test is useless. I expect more from Red Sea.
  • Color change is EXTREMELY difficult to see By sjohnson2152 on 2/24/2016

    The color change isn't so much of an actual change in the color of the liquid like other tests where it goes from clearly blue to clearly red. Its so subtle that if you blink at the worng moment you will miss it becuase the before and after colors are so similiar. Its more like a "flash" of color when it changes. I'm getting better at noticing it after running the test a few times (its a long one so the learning curve takes some real patience) but like I said if you blink or lose focus at the wrong second you will miss the "change." A really bright light source helps a bit.
  • impossible to detect color By pras on 1/18/2016

    I am not color blind, infact i have a very good vision and i compliments about it. But this test is impossible to detect change in color during titration. If anyone wants my kit, take it.
  • Good product but hard to use By Jay on 2/4/2015

    I also find it very difficult to detect the color change. I'm not sure when it's "blue enough". The color you see depends on the lighting where you do the test. Maybe I can take a picture of it and compare the colors in the image.
  • useless By jason on 1/11/2015

    Absolutely impossible for me to detect the titration color change.
  • Crystalized titrant By Deb on 12/7/2014

    This is the second time Bottle D has crystalized and become unusable. My first test kit arrived crystalized and the second test kit crystalized after just 2 tests. I kept everything contaminant free. Will never purchase again.
  • Very accurate By Ali on 8/1/2011

    it's not the easiest, and short BUT very accurate.
    I checked with a lab standard solution.
    and got +5 PPM.
  • Very Positive By radiata on 7/19/2011

    Tried my test kit for the first time today, and I'm impressed. Considering I've found and used only one other potassium kit, this one is preferable - it is more granular (doesn't rely on a subjective visual measurement, best described as "cloudiness"). The titration procedure is quite different that any Salifert titration you might be used to, but I did it right the first time - READ THE INSTRUCTIONS in the kit carefully.

    I will be certainly be buying the refills for this kit...


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