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Purple Nano Shelf Magnetic Frag Rack - Reef Rax

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    Hold up to 9 frags with the Nano Shelf Magnetic Frag Rack on tanks up to 1/4" thick. Reef Rax Frag Racks mount to your aquariums glass or acrylic with their strong reef safe magnets and can be placed almost anywhere in your tank. 

    Dimensions - 6.5" L x 3.125" W x 2.625" H

    • No curing required
    • Doesn't leach
    • Coated reef-safe magnets
    • Multiple colors and shapes


    Traditional coral frag holders are designed for frag tanks and made of egg crate, and if you ever put one in your display tank, they are an instant eyesore. Reef Rax has produced custom molds that simulate real live rock structures and textures at a fraction of the weight. 

    Reef Rax Nano Shelf is made of a highly porous resin structure that is almost buoyant when it is first placed in your tank. The neutral buoyancy greatly helps with its ability to hold heavy frag plugs and large frags of coral. Each rack includes reef safe magnets that can support the Nano Shelf on tanks up to 1/4" thick.


    Nano Shelf

    Reef Rax's Nano Shelf was designed to be placed anywhere in a display tank without looking like a man-made object. it can be placed next to a corner or in the middle of your aquariums glass.



    Coralline Purple Color

    Reef Rax custom purple coloration resembles coralline encrusted live rock and is the perfect addition to any seasoned aquascape. Over time additional coralline algae will encrust the rack creating beautiful purple tones adding to the color depth. If you have a new aquascape with dry live rock we suggest looking into the Grey Reef Rax.



    Dimensions - 6.5" L x 3.125" W x 2.625" H"

    Frag Hole Size - 0.45" diameter

    Number of Holes - 9*

    Max Tank Thickness - 1/4"


    What's Included?

    1x Reef Rax Nano Shelf Frag Rack

    2x Magnet Assemblies


    *Number of holes may vary depending on hole position and overall structure.

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