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Neo Bag Plus - Quick Water Softening & pH Drop

Most freshwater aquarium fish and aquatic plants, with the exception of African cichlids, prefer weak acidity and soft water. Therefore, it may be necessary to lower your water's GH by removing positive ion (cationic) components such as calcium and magnesium. In addition, measures to lower pH may be necessary.

Neo bag plus chemically adsorbs positive ion (cationic) components in the tank in a short period of time to make soft water. It also quickly lowers pH to maintain weak acidity water quality.


How Much Neo Bag Plus Should I Use?

Use 1 bag for each 60 liters (15 gallons) of aquarium water.

Rinse before using. Neo Bag can be placed in a hang-on filter, or another area with good water flow. Replace once per month for the best results.


What's Included?

8x Neo Bag Plus Media Bags

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