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Multi-Light RMS Slide for XR30

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The Multi-Light Radion Mounting System requires purchase of the three main components:


RMS Track - Horizontal piece that spans between the RMS Multi-Light Arms

RMS Arm - Vertical pieces that mount to your tank and support the RMS Multi-Light system

RMS Slides - Adjustable mounting brackets that attach to the RMS Track and support the Radion LED lights


Multi-Light Radion Mounting System - Track


The Multi-Light RMS is a modular and customizable Radion LED mounting solution for the XR15 and XR30 systems. 

The Multi-Light Radion Mounting System - Slide Mounts are the piece that connects your Radion to the RMS Track.


The Multi-Light RMS features:

  • Built-in cable management
  • Rimmed, rlmless, and eurobraced tank capability
  • Rigid and light-weight
  • Tough anodized aluminum finish
  • A single Multi-Light RMS can support XR15 and XR30 lights on the same track
  • Flexible slide mounts allow for precise placement of your Radions
  • Mounts Radions approximately 7 inches (18cm) above the tank
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Product Questions

trying to mount the light inside of my canopy. I have purchased the RMS Radion Mounting System XR30 tank kit.
This mounts on the side to the tank and you can see into the tank as you walk by it, the tank doesn't look finished.
Can I use this slider and mount to the canopy and then place the light into the slider?
Question by: michelle young on Nov 21, 2016, 1:34 PM
Great question! In order to mount inside of your canopy, you would have to DIY some sort of bracket. Otherwise, they do carry a hanging kit that you could use to hang the rail instead. :-)

Answer by: Randy on Nov 22, 2016, 3:43 PM