Mover MX4100 Powerhead (4100 GPH) - Rossmont

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Mover MX4100 Powerhead (4100 GPH) - Rossmont

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Quick Overview

Rossmont is innovating flow in your aquarium with their line of Mover powerheads. The super silent pumps are magnetically coupled to your aquarium with Rosemont's Vibration Absorbing System and the tiny form factor allows you to place them almost anywhere in your aquarium.

The Rossmont Mover MX-series all include flow nozzles that can distribute the flow in a wide and gentle pattern or a tighter focused stream for longer tanks.

Max Flow - 4100 GPH

Max Tank Thickness - 0.75"


Full Details

Small Form Factor

Rossmont is making some of the smallest pumps on the market that still have enormous flow rates. The efficient design lets them keep everything compact while not interfering with the overall flow.


Adjustable Orientation

Placing powerheads can be tricky. The Mover pumps let you have maximum flexibility with the flow direction. Each pump also comes with flow plates that let you modify the type of flow. A single pump can produce a super wide flow for shorter tanks, or a focused stream for longer tanks. The aquarium safe magnetic mounting system securely holds the pump right where you want it.



With high-quality ceramic bearings and a superior motor the Mover series of pumps are completely silent in their operation, even during start-ups. Rossmont also utilizes a specialized rubber that greatly helps absorb and muffle any vibrations into the VAS (vibration absorbing system) magnetic mounting system, instead of transferring them into the tank.


Waver Control

Yes, the AC powered Mover pumps can be controlled! Control your Rossmont Powerhead Pumps with the Waver Powerhead Controller. There are no bulky transformers or power supplies, just a simple standard household plug that connects directly to the Waver. The Waver can control the M-series and MX-series of pumps and can be added at any time to your Rossmont pumps giving you full control through the internet based app that works with all smartphones, iPhones, tablets, and desktops. The WiFi control and internet based interface let you access your pumps in your house, at work, or anywhere in the world that has internet access.

Waver Controller sold separately


Recommended for tanks up to 210 gallons.



Max Flow - 4100 GPH

Max Tank Thickness - 0.75"

Dimensions - 4.0" L x 3.0" W x 3.2" H

Power Consumption* - 29W @ 120 VAC

Cord Length - 6 ft

*Power consumption rated at max flow


What's Included?

MX4100 Mover Powerhead

Cleaning Brush

Flow Concentrator

Fish Guard



2 Items

  • Small size but a lot of flow. By Morse on 4/2/2017

    Very impressed with these and so powerful on my 180 gallon reef only have them at 45% limit.
    Very quiet also. The one area they need to improve on is the covers as they are very fragile. Takes very little to break them. The company is extremely responsive and working on that. Really don't even see them tucked in the corners of the tank but they move a lot of water. Great design so far.
  • MX4100 By Tom on 1/16/2017

    I received the product in good order. First impression was its size. It is much smaller then the Koralia Magnum 8(have 3) on my 210G reef tank. I chose not to use the flow concentrater to keep the flow wide. It really moves a lot of water more then the Koralia which is 3200GPH. I like the magnet mount which holds strong on my 5/8"side glass.It seems silent but I have a reef room and thru the wall tank so there is a lot of equipment noise. But I feel the same amount of vibration when touching pump while operating. The Koralia is 18 watts as opposed to the MX4100's 28 watts for those concerned with electrical consumption. I didnt test how much heat disapation compared to the Koralia. Maybe next one I get I will do a side by side bucket test. But for me the less obstruction the better and since both prices are very close i will opt for these instead of Koralia. There is a 3 year warranty on the product but I found no link for warranty support on their website. There is a serial number on the box so Ill keep it and the receipt I guess. All and I all if this pump continues to perform as it has for the past few days it will be a main go to pump for circulation in my tank!


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Product Questions

Is the Rossmont controller the only controller that will work on Rossmont waver pumps?
Question by: kevin prince on Jan 18, 2017 4:24:00 AM
Hey there! Yes, the Rossmont Waver is the only controller that can control their pumps. They are not controllable through any aquarium controller, other than for ON/OFF functionality. :- )
Answer by: Randy (Admin) on Jan 19, 2017 2:12:00 PM