MiniMax Sump All-in-One Media Reactor - Innovative Marine

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MiniMax Sump All-in-One Media Reactor - Innovative Marine

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Quick Overview

The super space saving MiniMax Sump Media Reactor is optimized for the use of carbon, gfo, biopellets, or any other biological or chemical filter media. The included pump is discretely placed under the reactors chamber and is appropriately sized for the reactor.

Max Capacity - 380 mL

Dimensions - 4.33" L x 4.33" W x 9.64" H


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The space saving design of the MiniMax Sump Reactor places the pump under the reactor body keeping the footprint very small while allowing for up to 380 mL of whichever media you choose. The innovative design removes ball valves, tubing, and other clutter commonly found with other reactors. The MiniMax Sump has a unique dual chamber design that lets you have fine control of the flow with a simple turn of a knob.


Silencer Sleeve - Adjustable sleeve lets you eliminate any noise

Efficiency - Upflow design with adjustable flow for maximum contact time and tuning for your media type.

Removable Inner Chamber - Simply slide the inner chamber out for quick and easy maintenance.



Diameter - 4.33"

Height - 9.64"

Capacity - 380 mL

Max Flow - 92 GPH

Power - 8w @ 120v


What's Included?

1x MiniMax Sump Pump

1x MiniMax Sump Outer Chamber

1x MiniMax Sump Silencer Sleeve

1x MiniMax Sump Inner Chamber

1x MiniMax Sump Sponge

1x MiniMax Sump Cap


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  • Needs improvement By Chris on 6/7/2017

    Not impressed with the over all build quality of this reactor.. the baffles inside are crooked ( doesn't affect performance, but for $100 was expecting a little better than that). The main issue with this reactor is the lid does not fit tight enough in the internal sleeve, the pressure from the pump will push the lid off spraying your media out into your sump, or when you try to pull the sleeve out the lid pops off and media gets all over your sump.. the lid really needs to be a threaded fit instead of a pressure fit.. also when you rinse the media, the way the bottom is designed it is very hard to rinse all the fines out.. I do love the concept of this reactor, and with a few tweaks you can get it to work good.. I really hope they redesign this reactor! Recommend to a friend? Yes and no!
  • Pops open and pukes in your sump By Fourthwind on 2/20/2017

    I am very disappointed in this reactor. I have the other reactors by IM and they work well in my AIO tanks, but this one after a week or two ejects the canister and pukes the carbon all over your sump floor. Have tried new O rings sent by IM and had several different water flow levels. Nice idea IM but poor execution. Need some way to lock the reactor in place.
  • Great design, poor manufacturing By Eric on 1/26/2017

    I've got a couple of these running in my nano, one for biopellets and one for GAC/GFO. The one I was running the carbon/gfo in decided to pop open/volcano in my sump due to a loose seal on the lid. Had the top knob break off another. Love the design, but manufacturing/QC could use a little work.


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Product Questions

Would I have to remove the whole unit from sump to remove fines from new gfo?
Question by: Jarrett on Jan 12, 2017 12:07:00 PM
Great question! Yes, you would have to run this outside of the sump to remove the fine particles. The best way to do this would be in a small bowl or bucket of RODI water. :- )
Answer by: Randy (Admin) on Jan 12, 2017 2:39:00 PM
Does this fit nuvo abyss 20g?
Question by: THANH TRAN on Dec 29, 2016 7:01:00 PM
Great question! This will not fit in the rear chamber of the AIO tanks. It is geared towards an in-sump application for larger tanks. :-)
Answer by: Randy (Admin) on Jan 9, 2017 8:27:00 PM