Live Foods

Live foods are commonly used to help saltwater fish adapt to prepared foods. Common fish like mandarins and butterflyfish tend to do well with live copepods for the first few months and then can be slowly transitioned to dried rotifers or other freeze-dried small particle foods. Live foods like copepods and phytoplankton work really well for coral nutrition as well and can be used for target feeding corals directly or broadcast feed the entire tank. When it comes to feeding live foods, there are a few different methods and some reefers like to keep a separate tank just for the food to live in, where others will populate their refugium with the creatures and rely on the cycling of water, or manually export and transition the foods into a display tank. In many cases, copepods will reproduce in your aquarium giving you a never-ending supply, but depending on the type of fish you are keeping it is possible for them to consume the entire population faster than they can reproduce.

All live foods are currently shipped direct from the vendor to ensure they do not spend unnecessary time in transit. Please see shipping information on the product page for more info.

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  1. Live Phytoplankton
    Tommy's Phyto
    Live Phytoplankton

    Starting at: $24.99

  2. PNS ProBio Live Bacteria & Coral Food (16 oz)
    PNS ProBio Live Bacteria & Coral Food (16 oz)

  3. Galaxy Pods
    Galaxy Pods

    Starting at: $65.00

  4. Tisbee Pods
    Tisbee Pods

    Starting at: $30.00

  5. Pod Hotel Copepod Haven
    Clear Water
    Pod Hotel Copepod Haven

  6. The Pod Puck - Amphipod and Copepod Breeder - NemProtect
    Wavemaker Guards
    The Pod Puck - Amphipod and Copepod Breeder - NemProtect