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Ultra Organic Trace Elements - Fauna Marin (DISCONTINUED)

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Ultra Organic Trace Elements are used as an optional product in Fauna Marin's Ultra Lith system to reduce nutrient concentrations and enhance coloration in your corals.
  • Maximize growth, coloration and polyp extensions


Fauna Marin Ultra Lith System

Basic System Contains

  • Ultra Lith - marine ZEOlite mix
  • Ultra MINs - basic nutrient and trace element solution
  • Ultra Bak - bacterial food, carbon and vitamin source
  • Ultra Bio - bacterial strains specifically formulated for rapid nutrient reduction

Additional Products

  • Ultra Amin - food and color booster for SPS/LPS corals
  • Ultra Carb - activated carbon
  • Ultra Organic - organic trace elements and nutrients
  • Color Elements - Red/Purple Complex, Blue/Purple Complex, Green/Blue Complex
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Product Name Ultra Organic Trace Elements - Fauna Marin (DISCONTINUED)
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