Emerald ATO 5 Gallon Reservoir - Trigger Systems

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Emerald ATO 5 Gallon Reservoir - Trigger Systems

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Quick Overview

Emerald ATO reservoirs feature crystal clear acrylic with an elegant emerald top, to hold top off water for your aquarium in a closed container. The Trigger Systems ATO containers have a removable lid to prevent excess evaporation, while providing a large opening to refill and clean the reservoir as needed.

Each ATO reservoir has two 0.25” OD holes for tubes to be plumbed through, or wires for float switches.

The Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald line of ATO reservoirs have laser engraved water level markings so you can monitor how much water your tank is using.


6” long x 14” wide x 15” tall - Overall reservoir size

3 7/8" long x 6 3/8" wide - Opening to refill reservoir size


Full Details

An Auto Top Off container is perfect for holding a fixed amount of top off water. An appropriately sized ATO reservoir would be able to supply your tanks ATO needs for a few days if not weeks, while not being too large to cause a big salinity swing or flood the sump if the top off pump were to get stuck on.


Most auto top off units will come with a pump that will need to be in the reservoir to pump water to the aquarium.  The Trigger ATO units come with a super wide opening to allow a pump to be placed in the reservoir while having small 0.25” holes for the tubing to be routed.


Crystal 5 – 6” long x 14” wide x 15” tall

Crystal 10 – 10” long x 16” wide x 15” tall

Ruby 5 – 6” long x 14” wide x 15” tall

Ruby 10 – 10” long x 16” wide x 15” tall

Emerald 5 – 6” long x 14” wide x 15” tall

Emerald 10 – 10” long x 16” wide x 15” tall

Sapphire 5 – 6” long x 14” wide x 15” tall

Sapphire 10 – 10” long x 16” wide x 15” tall


4 Items

  • Perfect By Dave on 4/20/2017

    Pretty hard to mess this up, it's a clear nice looking box that holds water, It does all it needs to. Little pricey but does a great job!
  • If you have the room get the 10 gal By Scott on 4/11/2017

    Exactly as expected. Well made. Looks great next to my Trigger 26. Larger size would have been nice, Oh for want of 2 inches.
  • Excellent product By RobertP on 3/14/2017

    Seems look perfect and holds water perfectly and looks great. Even matches my sump. Another great win for those Texas boys in Dallas!
    Only suggestion would be a little bracket to hold my ATO pump in place. Or maybe a clip inside the container to hold the line straight? The hose tends to make it lean over otherwise. Is this the containers fault? Not at all but would be nice if it could solve the issue. :)
  • Convenient; why didn't I do this sooner?!! By Dances with Alpacas on 3/6/2016

    With no moving parts this ATO reservoir being fool proof is almost a given, except for the fact that, I suppose, one day it could leak. That potential, however far from happening, is the only disadvantage I can come up with. It holds FIVE GALLONS, plenty of water to last a long time, making daily top off trips from the kitchen to the other end of the house a thing of the past! Refill the reservoir with weekly maintenance and you're done!


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Product Questions

On the Trigger Emerald ATO reservoir, how thick is the acrylic?
Question by: Mike on Jan 17, 2016 8:55:00 PM
Great question!
These will have approximately 3/8" thick acrylic. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Jan 26, 2016 6:50:00 PM