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DOS & DDR Dosing System Package

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    Neptune DŌS & DDR Dosing System Package

    Package includes:

    DOS Fluid Metering System

    DDR DOS Dual Reservoir System

    When you pair the DŌS dosing pump with the DDR Dual Reservoir System, you create one of the smartest, state of the art dosing packages. In conjunction with Apex Fusion, the ability to make minor adjustments is easier than ever, even allowing you to monitor how much liquid is left in the DDR Reservoir.


    About the DŌS Dosing Pump

    The Neptune Systems DŌS is a highly efficient, programmable dosing system designed to work seamlessly with the Neptune Systems Apex Controllers. Ideal for a variety of dosing applications, it offers precise control over dosing volumes and schedules through the easy-to-use Apex Fusion cloud interface. The DŌS pump features dual pump heads, large-diameter tubing for less wear and quieter operation, and simple maintenance with easy tube replacement. It's a practical solution for accurate and consistent aquarium dosing, minimizing manual work and maximizing reliability.


    What Can the DŌS be Used For?

    Two-Part Dosing: The most common use for the DŌS is dosing calcium and alkalinity to your system. Using a dosing pump to add these elements means greater stability of important water parameters and less daily maintenance. Simply run the DŌS Additive Dosing task in Apex Fusion and enter the amount of liquid you'd like to dose and when you'd like for it to be dosed. The DŌS then sets up all the dosing intervals within that time period. It even automatically chooses the slowest speed necessary for the pump so that it minimizes noise.

    Automatic Water Changes: Water changes with the DŌS have never been easier.  All you do is run tubing to your empty vessel or drain and to your fresh stock of saltwater. Then, in Apex Fusion, select and run the DŌS Automatic Water Change task and you'll be up and running in a matter of minutes. It will perform an automatic water change for you based on the schedule you've set up. If you have optical sensors, you can even set up alerts when your fresh saltwater container is running low.

    Micro Dosing: If you need to dose tiny amounts liquid (like vodka dosing or for Zeovit systems), the DŌS is the perfect solution due to its precision-controlled stepper motor. This ability to control pump movement in such a refined manner means that you can dose as little as 0.1ml at a time.


    About the DDR - DŌS Dual Reservoir

    The DDR is a sleek, cast-acrylic dosing container that plugs directly into the DŌS dosing pump for seamless integration. With a capacity to hold two liters (2L) of fluid on each side, the DDR is perfect for those managing saltwater aquariums, providing ample storage for Calcium and Alkalinity two-part dosing, trace element additives, or amino acids. 

    Apex Fusion Integration: Exclusively compatible with the DŌS, the DDR utilizes optical sensors to monitor fluid levels, alerting your Apex system when the liquid level is approximately 20% from depletion. This advanced notice allows for prompt refilling so your aquarium doesn't miss a beat. The estimated liquid level remaining is conveniently displayed on the Fusion dashboard.



    What's Included?

    1x DOS Fluid Metering System

    DŌS pump

    AquaBus cable

    Power supply

    4 meters DŌS tubing

    1x DDR DŌS Dual Reservoir

    DDR with sensors and cable

    4 extra meters DŌS tubing


    Note: The DŌS and DDR Dosing System Package requires an Apex Aquarium Controller System for Operation.

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