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Coolworks Temperature Controller for IceProbe Chiller - Nova Tec

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    Simple easy temperature control for the Nova Tec IceProbe Chiller.

    Controlling your IceProbe Chiller has never been easier with the proportional temperature controller that is now available from Nova Tec. The controller has a range sensing range between 65ºF and 85ºF with an adjustable set point dial to allow precise control of on/off point.


    The Nova Tec IceProbe Chiller Controller will have an accuracy of +/- 1ºF with an adjustable set point. The temperature sensor is 18" long with all the necessary power and adapter cords to hook directly up to the IceProbe Chiller.


    Small aquariums can easily and quickly change temperatures if not monitored closely. The Nova Tec Proportional Temperature Controller will allow you to control the exact temperature that your IceProbe Chiller turns off and on at. A single set point will allow the chiller to turn on if the temperature goes above the set point and will then turn it off when the temperature falls below the set point.


    The controller will connect between the power supply and the IceProbe Chiller including all the necessary cables and probes.


    Dimensions: 3.25”x 2” x .75”
    Weight: .5 pounds including cords
    Temperature Sensor: Waterproof, 18” long
    Power Cords: 26” long to IceProbe; 13” long to power supply; 4-Pin Connectors
    Electrical: Operates at 9 to 15 volt DC, 7 amps max; controls 1 IceProbe
    Accuracy: +/- 1ºF

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