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Auqa Gadget CustomCaddy (Fullsize)

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Add the CustomCaddy Media Basket to your Innovative Marine Nuvo tank to create a custom media basket for the included PurityPacks or any other type of filtration you may need. Each CustomCaddy includes Innovative Marine's PurityPacks that combine physical and chemical filtration, high-performance fiber balls, high-capacity GFO, and ROX 0.8 premium carbon. 



  • Includes PurityPacks
  • Clear acrylic front and back
  • Easily sliding door for easy access and quick media changes
  • Black acrylic side panels and curved handle
  • Four Laser cut slots
  • Two slide-out acrylic shelves


CustomCaddy Desktop - Compatible with all NUVO Desktop Aquariums

CustomCaddy Midsize - Compatible with all NUVO Midsize Aquariums

CustomCaddy Fullsize - Compatible with all NUVO Fullsize Aquariums


PurityPack (Recommended replacing once a month)

High-Performance Fiber Balls

  • Easily trap free floating detritus and other particles from your aquarium with the high-performance fiber balls. The non-clogging mechanical filtration media is ideal for saltwater aquariums but works great for freshwater as well. 

ROX 0.8 Carbon

  • Remove non-organic and organic impurities that can cause odors and add color to your water. Carbon is by far one of the most common filter media utilized for saltwater aquariums and with many different grades available and very little cost difference, going with a premium carbon is a no-brainer. 

High Capacity GFO

  • Efficiently removes algae feeding phosphate by creating a bond at the ionic level. High Capacity GFO is much more effective and dense than standard GFO allowing it to bond to more phosphates and last longer. 


Dimensions: 4.25" L x 4.33" W x 14.25" H 


What's Included?

1x Fullsize CustomCaddy

1x Fullsize PurityPack


Need a Replacement Fullsize PurityPack - Click Here

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