2x Philips CoralCare LED Lights (Black) - Bundle with FREE Controller


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    An exceptional LED light, worthy of your slice of the reef.

    The Philips CoralCare Gen2 rethinks reef lighting, combining the advantages of LEDs with the aesthetic light qualities of T5s to create a light with tunable spectrum and intensity for vibrant, healthy corals, while emulating the even spread and color mixing previously only achievable with fluorescent fixtures. The CoralCare LED sets a new standard, eliminating the compromise of choosing between dynamic, energy efficient lighting or even coverage and simple setup.


    Despite the many advantages of LED lights, there have continued to be many die-hard T5 fluorescent fans thanks to T5’s ability to provide such excellent, even coverage and plug-and-play simplicity. While LED spectrum, output, and form factor have seen many iterations, they often continue to suffer from issues with hot spots and shadowing. The CoralCare Gen2 aims to solve that with their specialized LED layout and diffusion plate, creating a superior blanket of light that avoids heavy shadowing and disco-ball effects while maintaining excellent coral fluorescence.



    • 2 Light Bundle includes FREE LED Controller
    • Unmatched even coverage and color mixing
    • Wide spectral range for excellent growth & coloration
    • Easy, wireless control (with optional CoralCare Controller)
    • Fanless, passive cooling for silent operation
    • Quality & reliability; professional-grade


    Simple Control & Installation - CoralCare Gen2 LED Controller Included

    The CoralCare Gen2 LED fixture can be controlled wirelessly using your mobile device or directly with your PC. In addition, it includes a 0-10V port so you can connect the light to third-party aquarium controllers. Direct control is also available for maintenance or checking on your reef inhabitants.


    Choose from user-friendly preprogrammed lighting schedules or easily create a custom 24-hour lighting schedule to suit your coral needs. You can even share your lighting schedules with other reefers! There's an acclimatization phase for introducing new corals or installing new CoralCare lamps, which allows you to gradually increase the intensity of the light to match the needs of your corals.


    The single box system (with integrated drivers) also includes a hanging kit for quick and easy installation with adjustable height and positioning.


    Excellent coral growth & natural reef appearance

    Reef life will flourish with CoralCare’s wide spectral range. Corals need the correct light intensity and spectral content to grow efficiently, but reefers also demand seamless color rendering so they can enjoy the brilliantly vivid colors of the corals. The Philips CoralCare spectral distribution is designed to achieve an ideal balance of those two criteria.


    With the CoralCare Gen2, they’ve further optimized the light formula in order to enhance the natural color rendering in daylight settings and maximize the fluorescence of the corals in evening settings. The new Gen2 design features 68 state-of-the-art LEDs, smartly grouped over two distinct user-controlled channels. This offers you control over a wide range of color points (from natural white to saturated blue) without ever worrying about harming your corals with the wrong spectral content.


    Natural light patterns

    Just as with CoralCare Gen 1, the light is evenly mixed and distributed thanks to the optical light guide and diffused glass plate. They’ve further refined this with CoralCare Gen 2 by grouping the LEDs in triangular clusters and adding four carefully placed clear areas in the glass plate. This architecture results in an ideal balance between efficiency, uniform light distribution in the aquarium, color homogeneity, and the right level of light dynamics.


    The cluster placement is deliberately chosen to create subtle but natural light patterns in the water. The clear areas in the glass plate add extra dynamic light effects when warm natural color points are selected. This mimics the patterns perceived on the ocean floor at noon when the sun is at its highest point. During the evening, when blueish color points are being selected, this dynamic effect fades just like it does in nature.


    Quality & reliability

    CoralCare Gen2 is carefully tailored to suit the demanding conditions of your aquarium. The new, slimmer design is still passively cooled and uses the most efficient LEDs on the market—all without any loss of light quality.


    Maximum Coverage

    • SPS: 30” x 24”
    • LPS: 36” x 28”
    • Mixed Reef: 40” x 32”


    LED Details

    • 12x Luxeon C 470nm
    • 22x Luxeon C 450nm
    • 4x Luxeon C PC-Amber
    • 4x Luxeon C Cyan (490nm)
    • 6x Luxeon UV U1 415nm
    • 20x Luxeon V2 6500k


    Light Specifications

    • Dimensions: 18.1”L x 16.4”W x 2.24”H
    • Number of LEDs : 68
    • Channels : 2
    • Min. Mounting Height : 6”
    • Power Consumption : 170 Watts
    • Fixture Weight : 15lbs
    • Cable Length : 9ft


    Controller Specifications

    • Power Supply: 120V @ 60Hz
    • Operating System: iOS or Android
    • Protection Rating: IP65


    What's Included?

    2x Black CoralCare Gen2 LED Reef Light Fixtures

    1x CoralCare Gen2 LED Controller

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