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Avast Marine

2L Vibe Automatic Zeovit Reactor - Avast Marine

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    Never pump your Zeovit reactor again.

    Add automation and reliability to your Zeovit system in a matter of seconds. Connect the Avast Vibe to a timer or your favorite aquarium controller and never pump your Zeo media ever again2-liter

    • er capacity
    • Simple to setup
    • Easy media changes
    • Includes tubing
    • External applications only
    • Requires feed pump


    The ZEOvit system can produce some of the most amazing coral reef tanks, and if you ask anyone that has implemented the ZEOvit system they will tell you that it is a lot of work, but the results cannot be argued with. Avast Marine took one of the daily tasks, pumping the media, and found a reliable way to automate a task that commonly gets forgotten. The Avast Marine Vibe uses a vibratory motor under the reactor, that can be coupled with a simple timer, or aquarium controller to turn the motor on for one minute, multiple times a day. Depending on the media you are using, and your specific aquarium, there is no limit to how many times you can vibrate the reactor, but most people will say two times a day is sufficient. The Vibe is calibrated to vibrate the zeolite media enough to clean and dislodge bacterial films, without damaging the fragile stones. 

    The Vibe does require a feed pump, and we suggest using a strong pump that can push between 100-200 GPH through the reactor. We have had great luck with controllable DC pumps like the Varios-2 from Reef Octopus, or traditional AC pumps work very well also. Controllable DC pumps allow you to fine-tune the flow through the reactor, where AC pumps will require flow tuning with the included ball-valve. 



    Dimensions - 9.5" x 9.5" x 15.5""

    Chamber Diameter - 6"

    Chamber Height - 8"

    Zeolite Capacity - 2L

    Input/Output Connections - 3/4" Barbed Unions

    Power Consumption - 3W @ 120VAC


    What's Included?

    1x Vibe Reactor

    1x Vibe Motor Assembly

    2x 3/4" Union Barbs

    1x Ball Valve

    4 FT 3/4" Vinyl Tubing

    1x Mesh Disk


     Avast Marine Vibe Owners Manual

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