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All-natural and gently dried mixture of seaweed to feed your saltwater fish. The custom mixture contains a dried blend of Dulse, Ulva (sea lettuce), and Laver Seaweeds. The mixture of different seaweeds makes the perfect mixture for herbivorous marine fish. Algae is rich in protein and other necessary nutrients that your fish need. In most cases, even herbivorous fish will eat meat sources, but do absolutely require an algae-based food in their diet for long-term health. 


The Seaweed Mixture is perfect for reefers that like to make their own fish foods. The mix of different seaweeds work very well in a blend that allows bits of each type to be added to the food mixture. We like to use this with a blend of Nori, Mysis, Krill, some liquid food additives and really any other food that your fish consumes. We have found this seaweed mix to work great with tangs and rabbitfish. 


Approximate Analysis:

Moisture - 9%

Protein - 25%

Fat - 3%

Fiber - 3%


What's Included?

120oz Mix of Seaweed


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Note - Not for human consumption


Due to customs restrictions, we are unable to ship this product to Canada.

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