X-160 AXIUM Space Saving G4 Protein Skimmer - Eshopps

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    Eshopps mid-level line of Axium skimmers keeps upping the bar on simplicity and performance. The internal pump design allows for a smaller footprint and using powerful Sicce pumps means there is no loss of performance. The skimmer body of the new 4th generation has been completely redesigned with a new water level adjustment, silencer, quick release pump lock, and clear venturi, making it perform better and maintenance easier. 


    Transparent Venturi

    Easly, one of the best things about Eshopps Axium skimmers is the clear venturi. A clogged venturi will cause nothing but issues with protein skimmers and have the ability to see the air to water mixture and any calcium or other mineral build up is essential. You will now know when to clean you venturi, helping prevent problems from forming. 


    Adjustable Water Level Baffle

    Keep your skimmer running perfectly with Eshopps new water level baffle. The gate style baffle lets you precisely tune your skimmers internal water level for optimum performance. The twist handle moves very smooth and gives you excellent control over the water inside of the reaction chamber.


    Water & Air Adjustable Silencer

    Get the perfect mixture of water and air in your skimmer. Eshopps custom silencer keeps ambient noise to an almost dead silent level while giving you extra control over the mixture. Since every reef is different, you can tune the skimmer to the needs of your aquarium. 


    Powerful Sicce PSK-600 Pump

    Many skimmers utilize Sicce to produce their needle wheel skimmer pumps, and that is an easy answer why, they simply work! It is hard to find a skimmer pump that will outperform Sicce for the money. 


    Recommended for tanks up to:

    Heavy Bioload - 100 Gallons

    Medium Bioload - 170 Gallons

    Light Bioload - 220 Gallons



    Footprint - 7.625" x 7.75"

    Height - 20"

    Power Consumption - 14W @ 120VAC

    Recommended Water Level - 7" - 9"


    What's Included?

    1x X-160 Skimmer Body

    1x X-160 Skimmer Cup & Lid

    1x X-160 Base

    1x X-160 Silencer

    1x S-160 Venturi

    1x Sicce PSK-600 Pump

    More Information
    Product Name X-160 AXIUM Space Saving G4 Protein Skimmer - Eshopps
    SKU 211330
    UPC 689076551113
    Maximum System Volume 201 - 300 Gallons
    Recommended Tank Size 151 - 200 Gallons
    Skimmer Body Types Internal, Space Saver
    Variable Speed No
    Best Value No
    Best Performer No
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