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Ushio Aqualite 20K Single End Bulb

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175W Ushio Aqualite 20k Single End Bulb

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250W Ushio Aqualite 20k Single End Bulb

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400W Ushio Aqualite 20k Single End Bulb

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    Choose the right bulb for your tank. Ushio Aqualite 20K "blue lamps" metal halides simulate water color at deeper depths with differing wavelengths spikes. Coral fluorescence will be excited in some species under the enhanced blue spectrum of the 20K lamps.

    • Excellent color rendering up to 90 CRI
    • Superior spectrum balance
    • High color stability
    • High intensity
    • Requires electronic ballast or pulse start ballasts to function properly.
    • LumenMax ballast is a great option.


    Ushio Aqualite are German-made and come in both double end or single end. Various color spectrums enable you to find the right light for your tank.  Ushio Aqualite lamps reduce the green light spectrum which can encourage the growth of "bad" algae on your corals.


    Color Spectrums

    • Ushio Aqualite 10,000 - simulates equatorial daylight at 5 meters of ocean depth.
    • Ushio Aqualite 14,000 - higher blue tone - highlight your blue corals while maintaining color rendering for white rock and sand.
    • Ushio Aqualite 20,000 - "blue lamp" - bulbs are blue in appearance and will help simulate a deeper ocean environment.
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