UltraLife Red Slime Stain Remover

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  • Attempting to Remove Cyano Bacteria | How To Tuesday

UltraLife Red Slime Stain Remover

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Remove red slime from your corals and invertebrates. UltraLife Red Slime Remover is made up of natural cellular matter, select biological accelerators and supplements are proven effective in removing Red Slime.

Full Details

For best results, DO NOT turn off UV Sterilizer or Ozonizer. Continuation of protein skimming is recommended, but may require adjustment.

Due to increased biological digestion of organic solids, we recommend increasing your O2 levels via the addition of airstones prior to and during treatment. No need for water changes or removal of carbon filtration.

Dissolve one level spoonful for every 15 gallons -- one container treats up to 300 gallons.


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  • Works but may have caused some isolate coral issues By Jay on 4/23/2017

    Dosed according to the directions and cyano was gone within 48 hours. However, micro bubbles from the skimmer ensued for the next 5-7 days, during which my monti setosa and orenji monti started bleaching a bit. Yet, my monti caps were unaffected and my purple haze monti frags seem fine. Also softies in the tank were fine. Happy that the cyano is now gone, but bummed about the affected montis noted above. Would still recommend the product. I'd just keep a close eye on corals the week after dosing.
  • It works. Skimmer needs adjusting. By JADReefer on 10/25/2016

    I have suctioned red slime from my rock weekly for 4 months and never got ahead of it. I dosed Hydrogen Peroxide starting at 1 ml per 20 gallons of tank volume and increased to 1 ml per 4 gallons of tank volume over 1 week and continued that dose for 2 week. Along with the weekly suctioning It definitely helped but did not eliminate it. I dosed Ultra Life's Red Slime stain remover and it was gone in 48 hours. 3 weeks later it is still gone. After 3 weeks my protein skimmer is now back to full speed. It definitely makes your skimmer got nuts. It required multiple adjustments and several overflow experiences.
  • Best Prduct Ever By Kelly on 10/2/2016

    This product is amazing! I had red slime moving all over my tank. It had started getting on my coral and everything. It took two doses and it was gone. It's been three weeks now and I haven't seen any traces of any red slime. This is really an amazing product!
  • Worked great By Matt on 9/12/2016

    48 hours and it was gone.
  • perfect product By Rex on 7/7/2016

    Works perfectly, very happy w/ this product. It killed all red algae in my aquarium.
  • It works By Jason on 6/26/2016

    Easy instructions. Very effective. Like others have mentioned, just watch your skimmer to avoid an overflow etc.
  • Reliable product By Jason on 4/8/2016

    I seem to have a cyano outbreak each spring. I have a hypothesis that it may be related to the pollen here in the south, but this is just speculation because of the timing. Anyway, this product has cleared it up every time and it doesn't come back until the next spring. As others have said, the protein skimmer will go nuts. I found that if I turn mine off for several hours I can turn it back on and adjust it way down. If I'm home, I'll keep adjusting to keep it skimming efficiently as it calms back down.
  • ULTRALIFE RED SLIME REMOVER By ricky on 3/2/2016

    good product , works well. keep an eye on you protein skimmer it make it work overtime. you will have to turn it down.
  • Worked great By jeffrey on 11/28/2015

    Had a ton of red slime in my 240 gallon system . I used the whole bottle and slime was gone in about 2 days . It's been two and a half months and slime hasn't returned . Only down side was , I had to unplug the skimmer for about a week because it went absolutely crazy , but I would use it again in a heartbeat !! Thanks BRS !! 38 year hobbyist ! Jeff in Wisconsin
  • great product By dan on 11/9/2015

    Products worked as advertised. Red slime was gone 8n 24 hrs
  • Works perfectly By Devin on 11/6/2015

    I have read the negative comments and i do not know why they had issues! When dosed as stated on the package, this stuff wipes out cyano in less then 36 hours! i would advise turing off your skimmer, not blasting corals with the solution, and adding an air stone for the time that it is being used. ZERO negative affects to corals, inverts, or fish!!! i did do a 25% water change just because, but it works amazingly!!
  • Didn't work! By Tbone on 10/26/2015

    Had a cyano problem on my sandbed, thought this might help out, did two dose's , absolutely nothing changed, I had used chemi-clean before and had success so maybe I'll go back to that stuff!!


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Product Questions

Hey for this red slime remover should i take out my carbon? also do i leave the filter sock in or take that out as well?
Question by: tyler chapman on May 16, 2017 9:47:00 AM
There is no need to remove carbon during treatment. I would also continue to change out your filter socks at regular intervals.

Have a great day!
Answer by: Zack (Admin) on May 17, 2017 4:48:00 PM
Is it safe for SPS and/or NPS corals?
Question by: Adam Ciampi on May 23, 2016 1:24:00 PM
Great question! Ultralife Red Slime Remover is reef safe, including SPS/NPS corals.
Answer by: Carter (Admin) on May 25, 2016 3:13:00 PM
How large of an aquarium does this product treat? Up to how many gallons?
Question by: Brian Hale on Mar 24, 2016 9:39:00 PM
Great question!
This will treat up to 300 gallon systems. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Mar 25, 2016 10:02:00 AM