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Spider Wood

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Spider Wood - X-Large (20-24")

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Spider Wood for Freshwater Aquascaping

  • Natural Shapes and Textures: Each piece is unique, offering a variety of shapes that add complexity and interest to your aquascape.
  • Water Chemistry: Minimal effect on pH and will not discolor the water vs denser driftwoods.
  • Ideal Habitat: Offers numerous hiding spots for fish, which helps reduce stress and encourages natural behavior.


Spider Wood is an excellent choice for freshwater aquascaping due to its intricate, spider-like branches that create a delicate and complex visual appeal. Its light coloration provides a striking contrast against the darker backgrounds and greenery typically found in planted aquariums. Additionally, its branching structure offers ample hiding spots and territories for fish, making it not only visually appealing but also beneficial for promoting natural fish behavior.

Spider Wood will float until it becomes waterlogged. It's recommended to either soak the wood before adding it to your aquarium, or to glue the wood to some stones or heavier hardscape to stop it from floating.


What's Included?

1 Piece of Spider Wood (in your selected size)


Note: These are natural pieces of driftwood, so each piece will vary in color, shape, and size. Photos are an example, but not an exact representation of what you will receive.

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