Replacement Skimmer Collection Cup - Skimz (DISCONTINUED)

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    Replace your cracked, damaged, crazed, or just plain dirty Skimz components with genuine Skimz replacement parts!


    Skimz Cup Sizes
     Your Skimmer  Skimz Model Number  BRS SKU
    SN123  SJB017-P 208836
    SN143  SJB018-P 209853
    SM121, SM122  SJB001-P 208747
    SM161, SM162, SM163, SM167, or SV203  SJB002-P 208748
    SM201, SM202, SM203, SM207 or SV223  SJB003-P 208749
    SM251, SM252, SM253, SM257, or SK252  SJB004-P 208750
    SM302  SJB005-P 208751
    SK181, SK184, or SK187  SJB006-P 208752
    SK201, SK204, or SK207  SJB007-P 208753 
    SK202  SJB008-P 208754 
    SK222  SJB009-P 208755 
    SV253 or SV257  SJB010-P 208756 
    SK251, SK254, or SK257  SJB011-P 208757
    SL183 or SL187  SJB012-P 208758 
    SL200, SL203, SL207  SJB013-P 208759 
    SL250, SL253, or SL257  SJB014-P 208760 
    SH1  SJB016-P 208761
    SC145i SJB019-P 210725
    SC165i SJB020-P 210726
    SC205i SJB021-P 210727
    SC255i SJB022-P 210728
    SP187 SJB023-P 211185
    SP207 SJB024-P 211186
    SP257 SJB025-P 211187
    SP287 SJB026-P 211188
    SN127 SJB027-P 211189
    SN147 SJB028-P 211190
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    Product Name Replacement Skimmer Collection Cup - Skimz (DISCONTINUED)
    SKU Skimz Replacement Skimmer Collection Cup
    Out of stock message DISCONTINUED
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